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15+ Best Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

15+ Best Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

15+ Best Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

Dragon Age series has an odd place in RPG fans’ hearts. Dragon age Inquisition mods are very difficult to choose. The first 2 games were distinctly different and both of them had their own fan bases, but the latest entry tried its best to appeal to both parties.

The first game was much more slow-paced, making the strategy a priority with the emphasis on pausing the combat. Also, role-playing aspects were much more clear. But it was criticized for mostly now knowing what it wants to be, and that gave way to the second game becoming much more action-focused. Although that angered the first game’s fans, it created a player base on its own. The third game, Inquisition, is a great game whether you like the first or the second one. And if you are playing on PC, you have the option to install mods! Here is the best Dragon Age: Inquisition mods you need to get now.

Best Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

War Table – No Waiting

This simple quality of life mod removes the need to wait for the War Table missions to finish. Normally, when you send forces to complete various operations, you need to wait for a certain amount of time before they are finished. With this, the required time for War Table missions is set to zero.

Download War Table – No Waiting.

Custom Body Models

Custom Body Models mod simply brings more options to customize your character, namely his/her body. It adds at least three different and unique models for male and female elves, Qunari, and human and dwarven females. It also includes a tutorial for beginners on how to edit meshes for yourself.

Download Custom Body Models.

Multiple Romance Mod

This naughty mod allows for romance with multiple characters simultaneously. Bull, Cassandra, Josephine or Cullen, you name it. You just have to choose the appropriate modules for the characters you wish to romance or simply flirt with; the mod will prevent the romance check from happening.

Download Multiple Romance Mod.

Eyebrows 4 Women and Katherine Face Texture

Best Dragon Age Inquisition mods

Some people take role-playing seriously and character creation is a big part of that. If you have a female character, this mod replaces the ugly default eyebrow texture with various, much better eyebrow textures. Of course, you won’t notice it during combat but it makes a big difference in dialogue scenes. It also has a version for male characters, Eyebrows 4 Men.

Rare Weapons

Rare Weapons

In the native game, it is usually better to use your own crafted weapons, but some of the custom models are so good it makes you wish that they had the same stats. This mod turns those attractive weapons into tier 4 weapons.

Download Rare Weapons.



If you do not like the zoomed-out dialogues in the native game and want to see the folk you’re talking to, this mod changes the FOV value for normal conversations with companions, quest givers, and merchants and brings you closer to the conversation, similar to how it was in the first game, Origins.

Download ConversationCameraZoom

Irritating Dialogue Removal

Irritating Dialogue Removal

Another quality of life change, this mod removes the tedious, repetitive and annoying dialogues from the game and prevents you from going insane. No longer your genius companions will comment “We should search the area.” every time you enter a new place.

Download Irritating Dialogue Removal.

Bugs Be Gone

Bugs Be Gone

This community patch-like bug fix mod aims to correct many bugs and inconsistencies within the game, mainly that are related to abilities.

Download Bugs Be Gone.

Unique Passives For Companions

Unique passives for companions

This mod does what its name suggests and adds one or two unique passive abilities for each companion, from certain immunities to different buffs. The full list can be found on the mod page.

Download Unique Passives For Companions.

More Inquisition Levels

More Inquisition Levels

More Inquisition Levels allows you to rank past the Inquisition’s standard limit of 20 Inquisition level and gain more than the normal 19. With this mod, you can level up to 30 and gain 34 perk points to reach your full potential.

Download More Inquisition Levels.

Ardent Blossom Misc Store

This mod adds a new store to the game which provides you with tons of different supplies. All runes, sigils, amulets, being able to remove the level restriction, power and influence books and of course, the Ardent Blossom. You name it, this store has it. And everything is free!

Download Ardent Blossom Misc Store.

Eggs Without Hats

If you’re a female elven inquisitor playing Dragon Age: Inquisition wants to romance Solas, getting this mod might make your job a whole lot easier. We’re not saying Solas isn’t attractive in his own right, but the hat definitely isn’t doing him any favors. This mod restores him to his bald-headed glory during the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts chapter. 

Download Eggs Without Hats

Blackwall – Warden of the North

While we’re on the topic of adjusting the physical appearances of potential love interests, some players want to choose Blackwall without wondering about the age difference. The great Warden is ruggedly handsome in his own way, but if you’d like to knock off 15 years of sorrowful drinking from his face, getting the heavy beard to a light stubble is a surefire way to do it. This mod can do either of two things: get rid of his beard, or keep the beard but give him a mohawk. 

Download Blackwall – Warden of the North

See Also

Dorian Post-Trespasser Hairstyle

As the only male love interest for male inquisitors, Dorian Pavus is undoubtedly handsome but you might feel cheated once you get a glimpse of how he looks in the credit scene of Trespasser DLC. This mod recreates the same hairstyle that he sports in the credit scene as well as a face retexture that gives him a light stubble, a golden strip of paint on his lower lip, as well as better eyeliner. 

Download Dorian Post-Trespasser Hairstyle

Buttflap Be Gone

The ‘buttflap’ refers the the strip of cloth hanging from the armour almost full-length down for most of the Dragon Age characters. Some players find it an eye-sore, but most players agree that its existence is a pet peeve because of the way it keeps clipping in and out of the players legs, looking like an odd glitchy cloth tail. This ingenious mod doesnt care if the ‘buttflap’ has historical outfit influences, and eliminates the offensive piece of cloth. 

Download Buttflap Be Gone

No More Fog of War

This mod turns off fog for all the maps in the game. It also permanently unlocks map pins once you save the game. 

We understand the good intentions behind adding a fog feature, it’s a minor incentive to actually explore all the areas on the map in the way that the game intended, but when you’re playing the game for the fourth time, it’s frustrating to have to clear it out yourself. 

Download No More Fog of War


here you have it, some of the best Dragon Age: Inquisition mods out there for you to enjoy. Even though the modding community for this game is not as big as the other mod lists we have on our site, you can still find a lot of useful and fun additions to the game, from simple bug fixes to new stores and gameplay changes. Whatever it is that you want, we hope you found what you were looking for in our list!

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