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Best Decal Rocket League

Best Decal Rocket League

Best Decal Rocket League

Are you an avid Rocket League player? Looking for the best decal to enhance your car’s look and give you an edge in your games? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll list the best decals that completely transform and elevate your gaming experience. So, buckle up and join us on this exciting journey!

Rarest Decal In Rocket League

Rarest decals in Rocket League are the rarest and most sought-after decals available. These items receive the highest value, because of their scarcity, visual appeal and other factors. The more sought-after the decal,the higher the price a collector may be willing to pay. Players can find these rare decals from various ways, including completing special events or trading with other players.

The rarest type of decal is called an Import Body. This kind of item is available as a crate drop and can only be found by opening an Item Crate that has been unlocked by trading with another player or purchasing keys from the in-game store. It is also possible to get this item as a reward when playing special tournaments or events. Additionally, some limited edition decals are hard to find since they are not often available on the market anymore.

Import Bodies come in several colors, such as Titanium White, Crimson and Sky Blue. Still, it’s also important to note each color has different levels of rarity based on how many were released into circulation when that color was first introduced into Rocket League by Psyonix Studios. To determine what specific level your Import Body may belong to (eg: Certified), simply inspect its description in your inventory tab which will display its rarity level (based on what Psyonix Studios determined at launch).

Other unique and sought-after types of Decals include Limited Edition designs like Vindicator, Hexed and Zomba; Player’s Choice Winners like Alphasonik; Player’s Choice Presents choices such as Aether and Chantico; Annual Rewards Such As Xmas Tree And Snowcat; DLC Packs Containing Unique Items Such As Hotshot & Nitro; eSports Shaders That Are Only Available To eSports Teams Like NRG And Cloud9; And products awarded during special tournaments such as Dominus Or Breakout Suomi .

Most Expensive Decal In Rocket League

The most expensive decal in Rocket League is one of the game’s rarest and most sought-after items. The top prize is awarded to players who can locate and successfully earn the “Black Market” decal, introduced as part of the game’s Anniversary update in 2020.

This decal provides a unique visual customisation for any car, giving it a sleek appearance that stands out from other players’ cars. The Black Market Decal can be found randomly obtained from painted items. It has become highly sought-after due to its limited availability and high cost – some players have even paid real money for this item!

If you are lucky enough to find one, you will have your version of a player exclusive showpiece that everyone else will envy.

Heatwave Decal Rocket League

The Heatwave is a fan favorite decal from Rocket League, beloved by players for its eye-catching effect. This limited edition black and red decal comes with the Overdrive crate set. Players who want to stand out in competitive games often equip their vehicles with this striking, fiery decal.

The Heatwave decal can be used on all cars except the Event variants, and it boast a level of detail that adds realism and impact to competition matches. This particular design was also part of the game’s first DLC content back in 2015, earning it a special place in the hearts of many Rocket League fans.


slurpee decal rocket league


Fire God Decal Rocket League

The Fire God decal rocket league is popular among players due to its unique design, vibrant colors, and striking features. The Fire God decal has a sleek black-and-red design that looks stunning in the game, with flaming wings and a fiery crown. It also comes with an ammunition boost of up to 15%, making it an effective alternative for gamers who want to maximize their weapon damage and score serious kills.

The Fire God decal is available from several online stores, including the official Rocket League store, and is a great way to show off your skills while playing Rocket League.

Slurpee Decal Rocket League Code

The Slurpee Decal is a highly sought-after decal that can be used to customize your car in the online game Rocket League. This ultra-rare decal is unavailable through legitimate means and can only be unlocked in special promotional events. If you are looking to unlock it for yourself the best way to do so is by participating in special promotions and giveaways run by Rocket League developers or by finding rare codes that other players have hidden away.

Slurpee Decals were first introduced as part of an exclusive event between 7-Eleven convenience stores and Psyonix Studios, the developers behind Rocket League. During this promotion, specially marked cups of Slurpee drinks were redeemed using specific codes, allowing players to unlock the coveted Slurpee Decal in-game.

More recently, promotional items such as these have become increasingly rare since they are now mostly distributed through sponsored tournaments, charity fundraisers, Twitch streamer giveaways and other special events. These methods may still be possible sources for obtaining the code but often require an incredible amount of dedication, skill or luck depending on the event type. Alternatively, players have also uncovered rare Slurpee codes hidden away within mysterious game files or encrypted messages posted online by admins willing to share them with their viewers.

Dissolver Decal Rocket League

Dissolver decal Rocket League is one of the most popular designs available for Rocket League cars. This decal has a light blue and white fade pattern with a white lightning bolt running down the middle, creating an eye-catching design that stands out on any car. The colors chosen for this decal are designed to work perfectly together and create an impressive effect.

Dissolver also offers a variety of other great designs such as Stars & Moons, Zebra Lines, All Out Flames, Night Sky, Splatter Hexagons and many more! These designs come in two color combinations so you can easily find one that fits your style. Dissolver’s selection of designs allows you to customize your Rocket League car with the perfect combination that stands out amongst all competitors on the field!


chameleon decal rocket league


Wip Decal Rocket League

The WIP (Work in Progress) decal is the only Rocket League decal released by the game developers in conjunction with Psyonix. It can be obtained from a live reward system called Drops, which are earned whenever players reach a certain rank, through challenges issued by Rocket Passes, or as part of special gaming events.

The WIP decal features a unique design that symbolizes construction and reflection – as two cogs join and rotate in unison. The dark to light color scheme is also complimentary of the Rocket League’s vibrant range of customization options. The decal symbolizes hard work going into creation and refinement and is easily the most popular option amongst devoted players.

Overall, getting and using this decal is an excellent way to show off your commitment when playing online or attending tournaments. Even though not many players have their hands on this exotic-tier piece of customizing gear yet – be sure to keep your eye out for future updates regarding its availability!

Black Decal Rocket League

Black decal rocket league is one of the most popular decals for the game due to its stylish appearance. The classic black aesthetic gives your car an elegant and intimidating look, which most players find attractive. In addition, this color scheme matches well with a wide variety of car bodies, allowing you to easily customize the color combination to your taste. You can also mix and match other colors for a unique look.

Regarding performance, black decals make your vehicle faster in certain situations due to their low-friction surface that aids acceleration and turning ability. They are especially advantageous for aerial movement.

Bubbly Decal Rocket League

The Bubbly decal is a rare and highly sought-after decal for the rocket league game. It can decorate rocket league items like the Dominus, Octane, and Breakout Battle Cars.

The design of the decal has a wavy line pattern with cute round bubble shapes floating above in brightness colors. It’s one of the most popular item in Rocket League for its vivid design that adds fun and personality to every match you play.

The colors used to make this decal complement each other, making any item look bright and special. This makes it an ideal gift or collectable item not only because it looks amazing but also because it is a reminder of how much joy Rocket League gives whoever plays it!

Show off your unique style with this vibrant decal that will make you stand out on the field.

Glorifier Decal Rocket League

Glorifier decal rocket league is a popular custom game item that allows players to customize their game cars. The glorifier decal is a colorful, graphical item that can be purchased and applied over any vehicle’s base paint job. The featured design of this decal includes roman numerals with a tribal pattern on either side, along with gold accents throughout. It is an excellent choice for those who want to add extra personalization to their game cars.

Players can also purchase additional accessories with the glorifier decal rocket league, such as wheel skins, boost styles, and import boosts. These accessories can also give you an edge in Rocket League matches as they are designed to help boost the performance of your vehicle during gameplay. Additionally, there are several other exclusive designs available from this custom game item, including carbon fiber detailing, distinctive designs for each make and model of car in Rocket League, and many more options for players to choose from when customizing their vehicles.

The glorifier decal rocket league is an affordable custom game item that offers plenty of options for personalization without breaking the bank. Plus, its bright and colorful design stands out among other vehicles in the game – providing you with plenty of attention as you race around the arena!


rarest decal in rocket league


Nergal Decal Rocket League

Nergal decal is one of the most popular and highly rated Rocket League decals (or wraps as they are commonly known in the game). It’s a rare item that can be used to customize your car with a unique and cool design. The decal is inspired by Masami Kurumada’s manga Saint Seiya, and it depicts two crossed swords alongside a red ‘N’. This decal can be placed on the front or rear of your car, whichever you prefer. It also looks great on painted designs, so try it out for yourself!

The Nergal decal is one of the few rare items that has become a staple among Rocket League fans, so try it out if you want to give your car a unique look. When you apply this amazing wrap onto your car, you will definitely make heads turn in the game. So if you want to make sure that everyone at the pitch knows who’s boss – check out Nergal Decal Rocket League!

Rocket League Easter Bunny Decal

The rocket league Easter bunny decal is one of the most popular rocket league decals. The classic design is shaped like an Easter bunny, complete with a long ears and a bowtie. The color white stands out against the many other colors of the rocket league cars, making it a must-have for all players.

The decal is especially useful for trick shots and quick snipes. With such an iconic design and vibrant colors, it easily stands out from other decals and offers you an instant advantage when it comes to competitive play.

Whether you’re just starting out or more experienced, this gorgeous Easter Bunny decal will make your car stand out from the competition with its unique style.

Rocket League New Decal

Rocket League is known for its many customization options, as players can decorate their cars with various cosmetics. These decorations are known as decals, and there are dozens available to choose from. By applying the right decal on your car, you can give it a unique and stylish look that will get you noticed on the pitch! Whether you’re a fan of bright colors or prefer something more subtle, Rocket League has something to offer.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best Rocket League decals available in-game right now. We’ll include both rare and un-rare options for those looking for that extra touch of uniqueness and style. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best Rocket League car decals you should consider getting!

Rare Decals:

  • Heatwave
  • Ectoplasmic
  • Flying High
  • Sprocket Wizma I & II
  • Nightmare Cubic

Un-Rare Decals:

  • Trick Upon Treat Ornament
  • Glowstripe NRG
  • Dawning Dazzle
  • Wet Paint
  • Parallax
  • Snowy Fast 4wd
  • Toony Troublemaker


most expensive decal in rocket league


Rocket League Universal Decal

Universal decals are a type of custom decal used by players of the popular Rocket League video game to add an extra layer of customization to their vehicles. While there are many different types of universal decals you can choose from, some may be more suitable for your gaming style than others. Painted universal decals are among the most popular choices due to their eye-catching patterns and bold colors; however, translucent and chroma universal decal options also exist for those who prefer a more subtle look.

Painted universal decals offer an extensive range of different designs in various sizes, from small and medium frames to large and jumbo. The majority of these styles have vibrant colors that can help make your ride stand out amongst other players’ vehicles. Translucent universal decals provide less obvious visual effects as they appear in shades such as frosted glass, smoke or sky blue. You can also opt for Chroma universal decals if you want something with a bit more sparkle; these come in dark blue, pink or gold hues that will reflect the light when you enter a room. Last but not least, there are animated universal decals which move constantly on the vehicle’s surface – these can’t be painted over so it’s important to check before buying them.

Tuxedo Decal Rocket League

The tuxedo decal rocket league is one of the most sought-after items in the popular video game, Rocket League. The sleek black and white design of this decal adds a unique look to any vehicle and emphasizes the power and agility of their vehicle. This item is available for all platforms, making it accessible to players from all over the world.

This decal can be used on any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, vans, or motorbikes. The tuxedo design has a black outline that stands out against most other colors in the game and gives players an easy way to customize their ride. Additionally, this decal is highly customizable; there are various different styles that can be applied such as reflective options or plain ones depending on how much detail a user wants on their vehicle.

Players can also acquire this item through Rocket Pass challenges or by buying them directly from item shops throughout the game’s various seasons. It can sometimes be found in certain crates too or purchased during special events like ‘Snow Day’ where limited items become available for purchase with in-game currency (credits). With its classic yet modern design, this tuxedo decal rocket league stands out from many other skin choices and is sure to turn heads when driving around in your virtual car!

What Is The Rarest Decal In Rocket League

The rarest decal in Rocket League is the Zephyr. This ultra-rare decal is only available in trade-ins of five limited special edition painted cars. To get it, players must trade-in a special edition painted car with Zomba, Titanium White Zomba, Cobalt Wheels (or equivalent) and have an Import Rocket Boost to exchange.

This can be difficult as the cars are only available once per Accessory Series (A Series) release and they tend to be very expensive compared to other items in the game. A typical player looking for the rarest decal needs to be ready to drop a lot of money and will likely need to find multiple players who have specific items available for trade.