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Best Cards Against Humanity Expansions | All 22 Ranked

Best Cards Against Humanity Expansions | All 22 Ranked

Best Cards Against Humanity Expansions | All 22 Ranked

This is a blog that simply lists the best Cards Against Humanity expansions since the game’s inception. The blog has been around since late 2015, and the author has tried to rank all 22 expansions  in a simple order. The blog will also include links to the expansions (and their respective evaluations) on the blog’s blog page.

What’s the best Cards Against Humanity expansion? Well, that’s hard to say, since they’re all so hilarious and many of them are great. I’ve ranked the best expansions, and I’ve even broken down each expansion’s strengths and weaknesses. I’d love to know what you think…

Cards Against Humanity is a card game created by the people at Cards Against Humanity, but is now widely played in college dorms, parties, and even onstage. The response to the game was so strong that they decided to release expansion packs for the game, which all contain additional cards that expand the game by adding new situations, variations, and challenges. Cards Against Humanity has been getting so many expansions that they have started ranking them by their own personal ranking system.

There are many, so we’ll show you the best cards against human expansion. The 22 available packages are ranked. This board game for contestants and judges was only released in 2009, but it quickly became the number one board game for adults. The publishers took the opportunity to release many different thematic expansions.

In case you don’t know, it’s a game where a blank deck of cards is shown and the players turn over the card they think is the most appropriate (usually the funniest). Since cards can only be used a few times before they become obsolete, these packages offer new features and keep you cool. Here’s our list of the 22 best anti-expansion cards. Please forgive the potentially offensive language in the editor’s description of many packages.


#22 Your Handbag

Your Sh*ty Jokes pack is at the bottom of the list of best cards against human expansion, because it’s only blank cards. It should be for those who want to make their own rules from the original. That’s fine, but we have no creative points here.

Your Mean Jokes book contains 50 blank cards (40 white, 10 black) that you can use to make your game objectively less funny.

  • Add your own confusing and offensive jokes to the game, which we have carefully written to maintain a consistent voice and grammatical structure.
  • Instructions are given for writing on non-absorbent cards (which you will surely ignore).


#21 Yearly leave packages

Annual holiday packages are at the very bottom of the list of best cards against humanity because they are quite new compared to the others. There are many different years, but you won’t get the longevity you want.

There are versions for 2012, 2013 and 2014.

  • 30 cards is hardly a celebration. (Every year).
  • All profits go to charity.


#20 Science File

The science pack is low on the list of best map expansions against humanity, simply because it is the least descriptive of all the packs. Science can be fun, but it’s clearly not as fun as an ass or a bunch of weed.

A scientific report is a record of a system of knowledge known throughout the world as science. They co-wrote it with Phil Plait (Poor Astronomy) and Zack Weinersmith (SMBC).

  • 30 postcards on fascinating theories such as evolution and global warming, with a special look at Uranus.
  • All awards were presented to the Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador and the SMBC Female Science Ambassador Fellowship at STEM.


#19 AI package

The AI pack was part of the list of the best improvements to Cards Against Humanity because there are some nice things in it, but it can’t maintain the high level of some of the other packs. There are a few jokes and a few real gems, but overall it’s not a great movie.

On Black Friday 2019, they taught computers to write cards against humanity, then made their human writers fight for their jobs. This is the package that wrote the AI.

  • 30 cards actually written by an intelligent neural network trained on our brainstorming documents.
  • Still available for a limited time.


#18 Red America Package

The Save America card game ranks eighteenth on the list of best cards against humanity because it can sometimes take a political turn, alienating some people or making the stakes too high for a group of friends or family.

Remember when everyone thought a Trump presidency would be a stunning disaster? And then the cards against humanity that saved America? There are tickets.

  • Contains 30 maps previously published as part of the Maps Against Humanity campaign: Save America 2017 have been released.
  • Oops, Donald Trump is still president.
  • Oh, my God!


#17 Pride

The Pride deck has a place in the list of best cards against human expansion because the cards are solid, but it would be nice to see more. There are good things and certainly interesting things for every member of the discussion group, but there is still much to do.

Pack your bags to celebrate Pride Month, the time of year when companies add rainbows to their products to capitalize on gay culture. That’s great. It’s pride.

  • 30 cards that fully represent the homosexual experience.
  • Written by an elite group of lesbians, bisexuals, gays, transgenders, allies and unicorns.
  • All proceeds from this month’s event go to support the health of Howard Brown.


#16 Movie Package

The Theater package ranks 16th on the list of best card expansions against humanity, as the package explores the world of theater in a solid way. All known groups find much humor in the various troops and situations.

As the Bard once said: The whole world is a stage, and all men and women are just members of our audience. Listen carefully. Introducing the Theater Pack, 30 cards on topics that look like a movie but take place before your eyes.

  • We want to thank our parents, our wonderful principal and, of course, God.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda’s favorite herd.


#15 Fancy pack

Fantasy Pack ranks fifteenth on the list of best Cards Against Humanity expansions, as it is a very solid game from some of the best fantasy writers. Since this world may not be for everyone, they have managed to diversify things and make it enjoyable for everyone.

Oh, no! Not another fucking elf! This is a fantasy collection with contributions from Pat Rothfuss, Neil Gaiman, Sam Sykes, Mike Cole, Jacqueline Carey, Martha Wells, Sherwood Smith, Elizabeth Bear, and Wesley Chu, among others.

  • Look how famous these people are! After reading this list, you should buy this package immediately.
  • 32 Cards, which I hope will one day become a $300 million movie franchise.


#14 Food packaging

The food pack belongs on the list of best card expansions against humanity because it’s a really solid bet, but you never know. Food can be very polarizing. Some like to talk about it, others see grocers as the enemy. There’s a lot in there that could be funny, but a lot of people have said it’s not their favorite song.

Everyone knows that foods are classified into four categories: Chops, snacks, chips and yellow circles. In the United States, food is an important part of everyone’s daily life. If people miss this, it’s a big problem! Here’s the continuation of the theme: Food.

  • 30 cards for grunts with breaks and frets with friendship syrup.
  • We write with our friends at Lucky Peach.
  • Goodbye food, goodbye breath, you’re on your way….


#13 Sci-Fi Package

The Sci-Fi Pack ranks 13th on the list of best map expansions against humanity, as it slowly gets better. Many of the themes of science fiction overlap with mainstream popular culture, resulting in many jokes that everyone can laugh at together.

Red alert. Sensors pick up 30 cards against humanity heading straight for the warp core. Set the first condition for the entire fleet and get ready for new content!

  • 30 cards showing what happens when humanity goes too far in technological advancement.
  • Written with contributions from well-known authors, including Pat Rothfuss.
  • All profits were donated to the World Builders Foundation.


#12 Pa’s Package

The Dad Pack is considered one of the best additions to Cards Against Humanity, as the idea of a father joke is great in itself, and this pack turns that idea into a fantastic addition to the game. Not only is it fun, but it’s a unique opportunity to create a bond that really puts into perspective the grandfather who knows all the dad jokes. It was finally his time to shine.

How many times have I told you? Close the fucking door when the air conditioning is on. And while you’re at it, bring me more cards against humanity with 30 awesome paternity cards.

  • 30 tickets to the man who made your mother look like a fool.
  • Comes in a package with a DVD with a movie for dad of your choice.
  • The 9 drawers contain the same cards and no DVDs.


#11 Design File

The design pack is in the middle of the list of best cards against human expansion, because it does a fantastic job of hacking the world of creativity. With the bright colors and patterns adorning each card, you’re sure to come alive. This selection is well chosen, a good mix of styles and aesthetics.

The design pack includes 30 wacky blank cards illustrated by some of the world’s best graphic designers, including Milton Glaser (I < 3 NY), Susan Kare (Apple Macintosh), Eric Spickerman (MetaDesign), and legendary graphic designers like Jay Ryan, Ian Legend, Ollie Moss, Mike Mitchell, and Sonnenzimmer. For more information, visit the official website.

  • 30 uneven white cards, illustrated and in color.
  • About George Carlin’s seven dirty words.
  • All prizes will be donated to the Chicago Design Museum.


#10 College bag

After all, there is no more special moment in a person’s life than college. The great thing is that, because you are playing with adults, everyone has a different perspective on their behaviour and everyone has plenty of opportunity to contribute. There’s a reason Belushi is such a popular image in a college shirt.

Remember when you were in college, eating ramen noodles and having sex all the time? Wouldn’t it be great to relive those glory days?

  • 30 tickets for trainings and workshops.
  • Comes with a special 18 x 24 poster for your dorm.
  • You should break up with your high school boyfriend.


#09: The Jewish Package

The Jewish card game is here in the list of the best cards against the spread of humanity, because it is perfectly interpreted, that adequately meets all the ideas of the religion and the different traditions. There are more than you can imagine.

Fun fact: 100% of the perpetrators of cards against humanity are Jews. Can you believe it? A Jewish comedy writer! In 2017, anything is possible.

  • 30 maps of our big brains, full of facts and frustrations.
  • Was previously issued as part of the cards against the eight sages of humanity for Chanukah.
  • Have you eaten enough yet? Are you sure?


#08 Ass back

Ass Pack is eighth on the list of best cards against humanity, because what’s more fun than ass. Everyone knows this, but as this report shows, there is a surprising amount of interest in this issue. The donkey campaign has been around for decades, and the authors do a good job.

Back it up. Put it down now. Below. Come back to Earth. Now get out of here. Now grab your wallet and buy a brand new bag of aces!

  • 30 new bootstrap cards.
  • Includes Sir Mix-A-Lot Sniper Ace and Kennerkarten.
  • It’s round.
  • Juicy.
  • Hit him!


See Also

#07 | Human Package

Human Pack takes this spot on the list of best cards against the spread of humanity because we’re pretty funny. There are many special formulas for this game, but so far no one has understood the common bucket of humanity so well. There are many things, and this package does its job well.

On Black Friday 2019, they taught computers to write cards against humanity, and made our human writers fight for their jobs. It’s a package that people have written.

  • 30 beautiful postcards on the state of humanity from the hearts of our human writers.
  • Still available for a limited time.


#06 – World Wide Web Pack

The World Wide Web deck is the sixth best card against the spread of humanity because the Internet is at the center of our lives and is often the source where we find humor. They come from users in the Reddit community and talk about brain trust in big ideas.

Aside from widespread disinformation and unspeakable pornography, the Internet is one of Al Gore’s greatest inventions. They wrote this package in a Reddit AMA with the help of a bunch of internet aliens, which historically has always been a complete disaster.

  • 30 postcards written by anonymous Reddit users
  • All profits were donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


#05 Weed Control

A bag of grass beat the top five cards against human expansion because it’s a fun theme with lots of hidden meanings and clues. Even if the game with your parents has been difficult so far, you can discuss it with them.

Hey man, I know I should give you content for the Weed Pack, but I’m pretty stoned and this is all I have right now.

  • Cannabis, also known by various other names such as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug derived from the cannabis plant and intended for medical or recreational use.
  • mass incarceration of sth.
  • 30 (?) lawn maps.
  • The defense mentions that the benefit goes to the development of a marijuana policy.
  • Taco Bell.


#04 Dossier Nostalgie 2000

In the 2000s, the nostalgia package was at the top of the list of best cards to play against distribution, because there’s nothing better than jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon.

Dude, where’s my car? The Nostalgia 2000 Pack features 30 new cards that tap into the surge of dopamine that floods your brain when you reminisce about your childhood.

  • It’s just like her.
  • Butterfly clamps.
  • Jeans and bootcut.
  • Bush did 9/11.
  • You are so Miranda!


#03 Magazine Packaging

The intermittent game is third on the list of best card expansions against people, because this game just has to be surprisingly lavish in all the right ways. There is perhaps no better package for achieving this goal than a series of measures over a period of time. Very sensitive subjects are examined and ridiculed.

Have you ever looked at your underwear and said no? Maps Against Humanity brings you its most immersive offering yet: Periodical package.

  • Contains 30 postcards from this period.
  • Drawing every 25-35 days.
  • Lightly scented to avoid unpleasant odours.
  • As a surprise for your special moment.


#02 Geek Package

The Geek Pack ranks second on the list of best anti-human expansion cards because geek culture is a topic of conversation more than ever. There are so many levels of humor, and it’s a great addition to the game for any group of people.

There’s nothing you lunatics like more than branded recommendations to eat. Remember Batman? And Firefly? Bazinga!

  • 30 cards for video games, D&D, Game of Thrones, and any other crap you want.
  • Previously released as a limited edition, which we handed out at PAX East and PAX Prime.


#01 90’s Nostalgia Package

The 90’s Nostalgia pack is high on the list of best cards against human expansion, because nostalgia is very much present in this game, and there’s nothing crazier than decades of a bunch of different bands floating around like the 90’s. Come into an era where the world is played in so many different ways.

Don’t stop the cow, man! The 90’s Nostalgia pack is a Freshmaking® Crossfire™ joke in full tube form. Once you’re in, the fun never stops!

  • 30 postcards from the popular 90s.
  • Too sexy for your shirt.


What do you think of the best cards against human expansion? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or on our BGH Facebook page!


Cards Against Humanity is one of the most popular party games of all time—but if you’ve never heard of it, you’re probably not alone. The game is a simple mix between a board game and a party game. You’re given a hand of black cards (ranging from horrible things to do with your boyfriend to a pack of tiny snails to eat), and you have to fill in blank cards with your own cards that are either funny or mean (or both). If you choose to play as the “Black Cards,” you have to fill in the blank cards with your own horrible, stupid jokes.. Read more about best cards against humanity expansion color and let us know what you think.