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Best Anime Characters With Spiky Hair (Ranked) –

Best Anime Characters With Spiky Hair (Ranked) –

Best Anime Characters With Spiky Hair (Ranked) –

If you’re a fan of anime , you’ve probably been following the trending trend of hair spikes for years now. However, while the spikes can be found on almost all anime characters, not all of them are equally stylish. Being utterly unique is one thing, but being unique and stylish are two very different things. So, here’s a list of the best anime characters with spiky hair to inspire you to go and make your hair spikes.

Anime characters with spiky hair, or hairstyles that are meant to stand out, are popular in many series. In fact, spiky hair is often a key element of the anime characters’ personalities, including that of the following 10 characters.

Here’s a list of anime characters with their hair in a top 50 ranking of what looks best with spiky hair. The ranking is based on my personal opinion and what looks best to me.

A wise man once dared to ask: Do all cartoons have hair gel?

And to really understand the depth of this problem, you have to step back and realize this: Lots of characters have hair on their fingernails, right?

The 20 best soldier anime characters of all time (boys and girls)

Building on the great discoveries of this young fiction philosopher, we now dive into the love of anime and look at some of the best characters with spiky hair. We must all contribute to answering these burning questions.

20. Zora the ideal

Anime: Black Clover

I love Zora because you can look at her and wonder what she is and be right and terribly wrong at the same time.

The wannabe Lord seems to have learned a very loud night song. And as such, expect him to do everything for the Lord. And it’s true: He has no problem sacrificing people, he has his own moral code, and once he implements it, he wipes the feet of those above him.

But on the other hand, he’s pretty calm, learns to work together faster than expected, and doesn’t drown us in his story every ten seconds. I’m looking at you, Sasuke.

19. Equal Osino

Anime: Monogatari Series

I wish this guy had more screentime.

To me, Meme was basically Morgan Freeman from the series, but even cooler.

Whenever a curse or a twisted villain showed up and I had no idea how Araragi was going to get out of it, Meme would come out of the shadows and explain everything.

He also planted a cool Uncle Vibe. Honestly, how can you not like it?

18. Izuku Midoriya

Anime: Boku-no Hero Academy

Midoriya doesn’t change much about the main character of the shounen. But it doesn’t have to be.

He is a good boy who wants to help everyone and values friendship above all else. As well as joint health.

He was also very insensitive in his heart. Ao, when there’s a woman around (who isn’t stealing his blood and wearing his face), he’s very nice.

I’m disappointed it took him three seasons to remember he had legs. But at least he got away with it.

17. Ryuk

Anime: Notice of Death

Personally, I don’t usually associate the words death and God with the words funny and appropriate.

And yet Ryuk is here.

I think Ryuk was so sympathetic that he seemed more of a spectator than an active participant in the stories. He wasn’t so worried about who would win, he just wondered how it would go.

He’s also probably the only character who made jokes on the show. And his fondness for apples lingers in my memory, ten years after I watched the series.

16. Yami Sukehiro

Anime: Black Clover

Yami may be the strongest character to ever exist, as he seems to know he’s in the shuna.

As soon as there’s a problem, the muscle man pulls out his tar stick again and says it’s time to go back to the Ultra.

He’s a down-to-earth guy who only wants to be left alone in the bathroom and reacts even more violently to any violence. He’s got issues with Skeeter, too.

15. Tahumaru

Anime: Dororo

It’s probably not the most popular choice, as I think everyone prefers their brother to be frugal. But I think it’s worth mentioning anyway.

I love Tahumara because she is a great character in a movie. He wasn’t so bad. He was more of a helper with the mom thing.

We can see that he was truly connected to the people around him, that he cared about his country and was willing to die for his ideals.

In other words, he was a more typical shōnen hero than Hyakkimaru.

14. Senkou

Anime: Dr. Stone.

Personally, I loved the archetype of the child prodigy. And Senkuu is definitely one of my favorite examples.

That’s because his genius, aside from being able to count, is at least plausible. That’s why his inventions don’t look like magical fairy tales, but real inventions.

I mean, I talk about inventing, but these are all things that already exist.

He’s far from emotional, but he’s not apathetic either. He’s actually a better version of Jimmy Neutron than I am.

13. Killua Zoldyk

Anime: The Hunter and the Huntress (2011)

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned child murder every now and then? To avoid confusion, I’m talking about a child killer, not a killer who kills children. Where’s the hyphen again?

Anyway, of all these little Jack-the-Ripper, Killua is probably the best known and most famous. Just as there are few who will rip out a man’s heart and stick it in his dog’s back for him to notice later, except this restless male.

And while there are characters who can match her in terms of marginality, I highly doubt they can match the depth of her character. Killua killed my people and my faith in my older brothers and sisters. And needles.

12. Natsu Dragnil

Anime: Fairy Tail

As a fun character, I really like Natsu. It’s not Beau Burnham, it’s not Amy Schumer.

But that’s not why I love Natsu. I love it when things get complicated and he gets serious. I love it when he finds a thousand other ways to swallow fire, and sometimes some gets thrown at him, and he goes nuts.

I love Natsu when the bagpipes fly around my ears at full speed while I scream that I just got fired and he ruthlessly attacks someone who just insulted his nakedness.

11. Gon Friss

Anime: The Hunter and the Huntress (2011)

As much as we love Killua because of his depravity, we can also love Gon because of his soul.

I’m not saying he’s going to heaven or anything, but the man is covered in blood. But the fact that he never gives up and still loves his father is admirable.

Plus, he’s just charming when he’s talking to someone, because God knows no one can resist his charm, and it inevitably brings out the best in people.

And cats are the worst, but what else can I say? He was destined to be a dog.

10. Dio

Anime: The strange adventures of JoJo

I’m not even going to skip the season, because I loved this guy every time he appeared.

There’s just something about his supernatural nature that keeps me coming back every time he braves death.

His need to bow down to his enemies at every opportunity, his arrogance that he will literally and figuratively take to his grave, and his status as an absolute fashion icon will keep him on this list forever.

9. Naruto Uzumaki

Anime: Naruto! Shippuden

Naruto is a kind of staple food. Even if you don’t like his character that much, he’s been around long enough for you to learn to love him against his will.

Because he never gives up. He also keeps talking about not giving up, but I guess that’s normal.

And even despite your common sense, it still manages to turn you on somehow.

It also made me cry every time I saw a swing. It’s as if the sadness and pain fell from the sky when the second one came.

8. Shuya Isis

Anime: Soft voice

Sometimes you just have to love the characters because they are so well written it’s hard to call them characters. They’re only two-dimensional.

Of course, Shoja was a little stupid at first. But all those kids on the news are kind of idiots. What you do next really defines you.

And Shoja gave everything to be a good person.

It wasn’t always easy, and he got lost several times. But it all worked out in the end!

7. Sinbad

Anime: Smart people: The Adventures of Sinbad

I love Sinbad because, frankly, it’s first-rate fantasy.

You want to be strong? Here is a man who is willing to blow up a mountain so his enemy can buy new pants.

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Don’t you want to be a silly, mean character?

On the other hand, Sinbad is also very good at negotiating, globalizing, and probably adultery.

Seriously, how can it not be the biggest dream in anyone’s life?

6. Gohan

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

I want to set the record straight: I’m talking specifically about Gohan from the Cell saga because, as we can all attest, he’s the best Gohan.

To me, any other form of Gohan is honestly better than the C figure. But selling Gohan at this point is every DBZ fan’s dream – it’s pure S-class.

The fact that a pacifist following in the footsteps of a bookworm has become the most recognizable asshole of the entire series. I still get goose bumps.

5. Ban

Anime: The seven deadly sins

At first I thought I’d like Bun because she’s a fun, dominant character who eventually gets defeated or something.

But in the end, I liked Ban because of his personal life and his loyalty to his friends, at least to Melioda. This is so good, I appreciate it.

I mean, he still gets killed a lot so the bad guys can use their powers. But in a way, he was the closest thing to an earthly figure.

4. Pain

Anime: Naruto! Shippuden

I put the bread and not Nagato because the girl has spiky hair that gets in the way, so I was just kidding.

But honestly, people associate Dev’s Way most with Brood as a character, while Nagato is more of a superfluous legend.

The reason Pain was so good was because he made Naruto speechless in the beginning. The first to give a good reason for his crimes.

He also destroyed the entire village and killed some of the main characters.

The broadcast of this story was the most intense and unusual experience Naruto has given us.

3. Garou

Anime: One Punch Man Season 2

While I have to admit that the first season of One Punch Man was better, the second season of Garou reached heights I didn’t expect.

His position as protagonist, anti-hero and villain was just interesting.

Is he going to kill that guy? Can he save this man? Will he join the monsters? Is he after the monsters yet? Does he have Saiyan blood?

Seriously, how does he keep his hair like that?

All these questions come to mind when I see this beautifully sculpted colossus.

2. Katsuki Bakugo

Anime: Boku-no Hero Academy

I know this is a hot topic, but I’ve always preferred Bakugo to Midoria.

Even though the world was against me at first, I think with the new season and getting to know Bakugo’s character, I’ve gained some camaraderie. Of course, he’s a loud egotist who likes to take others down.

But he also has a strange inferiority complex, a survival syndrome, and a seemingly unattainable goal. And I think that’s easier to understand than being a Jesus hero.

1. Open hearth

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

If there’s one character I never shut up about, it’s Kamina.

The man who dared to ask: What if I messed up my charisma tree and worked logic into it to make me a good fighter?

And his intuition paid off, as he quickly became the cutest character in his universe and beyond. He also became the undisputed leader of the army that would come to the surface.

His hair is spiky, his glasses are sharp, his taste in women is obvious, and his monologues are strong but direct.

A man with very memorable spiky hair.


Anime characters have been giving us so many reasons to love anime for years now. If you are already a fan of anime, then you must have already watched some amazing characters with spiky hair. Just like the two previous lists, we have ranked all the great characters with spiky hair in this list.. Read more about anime spiky hair and let us know what you think.