6 Best 32 Inch Monitors of 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks Only

LG 32UD99-W is the best 32 inch monitor we have tested till now. It has all the important features you need in a large monitor like IPS Panel, 4K with HDR 10, HDMI, Display, and USB-C Ports, 5 ms response time with Freesync to reduce tearing ghosting and stuttering. If you are a serious professional gamer, buying a 32-inch monitor is a big NO. But if you are a programmer, web developer these 32 inch large monitors are good for you.

Take a look at our 6 best 32 inch monitors of 2020.

Editors Choice Editors Choice #1. LG 32UD99-W Check Today’s Price
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resp. Time: 4ms
Best Curved Best Curved #2. Samsung C32HG70 Check Today’s Price
  • Resolution: 2560×1440
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Resp. Time: 1ms
Best 1080p Best 1080p #3. Sceptre C325W-1920R Check Today’s Price
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resp. Time: 5ms
Best Ultrawide Best Ultrawide #4. ViewSonic VX3258 Check Today’s Price
  • Resolution: 2560×1440
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Resp. Time: 1ms
1440P Option 1440P Option #5. Viotek GN32LD Check Today’s Price
  • Resolution: 2560×1440
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Resp. Time: 8ms
Best in Budget Best in Budget #6. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD Check Today’s Price
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resp. Time: 8ms

LG 32UD99-W – Best 32-Inch Monitor (4K)

LG 32UD99-W

The LG 32UD99-W is our pick for the best 32-inch 4K monitor on the market. It, of course, features the extremely versatile 4K screen, 60hz refresh rate, 4ms response time, and wide viewing angles. With a larger monitor of Ultra HD 4K resolution like this, it is essential to have wider viewing angles that will suit it.

With IPS panel technology, this 32 inches monitor delivers extremely consistent and accurate color performance. HDR 10 allows it to deliver exceptional performance for content creators as well, with color and brightness levels that are industry standard. Other than being 4k, you will experience accurate and vivid color reproduction.

With other great additional features such as hdr support, USB-C ports, and side-by-side picture display mode, it makes this monitor very versatile and is overall a fantastic monitor for almost any use. 

Samsung C32HG70 – Best Curved 32-Inch Monitor

The Samsung C32HG70 is the best choice for a curved 32-inch gaming monitor. The curved screen allows for greater immersion by adding wider viewing angles and depth to your gaming and viewing experience. This monitor features 2560 x 1440p resolution for gamers, with a lightning fast 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms 4ms response time. It makes the fast paced action games a lot more smooth, with no screen tearing or motion blur. The VA panel has higher contrast ratios and deeper blacks with a 1ms response time. 

You can adjust the brightness of your screen to help reduce eye fatigue. The CHG70 curved monitor brings a competitive edge for gamers as well, offering the Black Equalizer feature that enables you to spot enemies in darker areas. 

The Samsung C32HG70 comes with an ergonomic design that can be VESA mounted, and there is a handy headphone stand installed as well. With multiple ports including 2 HDMI and 3 USB ports, this monitor is built for gamers and the speed they desire. 

Sceptre C325W-1920R – Best 1080p 32-Inch Monitor

The Sceptre C325W-1920R is our top pick for a 1080p 32-inch monitor. This monitor is a great alternative for those who want a larger monitor, but do not need or want 1440p resolution on their screen. The Sceptre C325W-1920R comes equipped with an immersive curved screen and a sleek thin design that is VESA mountable, making it a very versatile monitor for different setups. It has a dynamic Contrast Ratio of 12000:1.

It features an extremely solid 75Hz refresh rate and provides 5ms response time, which is more than adequate for gamers and movie enthusiasts alike. These qualities allow the Sceptre C325W-1920R to reduce screen tearing and eliminate ghosting and motion blur to provide the clarity and accuracy that you deserve.

The Sceptre C325W-1920R has multiple ports, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA ports allowing multiple compatibility options. With a blue light shift feature, it helps you to reduce eye fatigue and strains during periods of extended use. Overall a top performing 1080p monitor at its price, and certainly a strong choice for all-around use.

ViewSonic VX3258 – Best Ultrawide 32-Inch Monitor

ViewSonic VX3258

The ViewSonic VX3258 is our top pick for an ultrawide 32-inch monitor. It has an immersive curved screen with the breathtaking WQHD 2560x1440p resolution. The ultrawide screen helps provide wider, better viewing angles for the user. It also provides immersive viewing experiences all while still remaining convenient for any space. Designed for gamers, it features a speedy 144Hz refresh rate that allows it to deliver smooth performance with clear graphics.

The ViewSonic VX3258 is equipped with adaptive sync AMD FreeSync, which allows anyone with an AMD card to seamlessly sync their output between the graphics card and the monitor. It also has connectivity options HDMI and DisplayPort inputs to allow compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Viotek GN32LD – Best 1440p 32-Inch Monitor

Viotek GN32LD

The Viotek GN32LD is our top pick for 1440p 32-inch monitors. It offers extremely high quality performance on a curved screen with an ergonomic design and stands. The Viotek GN32LD VA Panel can render up to 16.7 million colors with a 97% sRGB color gamut, 3000:1 contrast ratio having high vibrancy, and accuracy when gaming or watching movies. This is one of the most customizable monitors on the market with  DVI, HDMI, and DP connectivity options. 

The anti-glare screen on this monitor helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue for longer sessions. Being VESA compatible, you can mount it to a wall if desired, and has colorful LEDs on the backside of the monitor to provide a nice, dynamic glow.

With 5 preset options, the Viotek GN32LD has optimized settings for shows and movies, gaming and even a workspace setting. This allows you to have the perfect visual settings for work, play, and entertainment whenever you need with a single click of a button. Overall, the Viotek GN32LD is built for precision and accuracy and is a great choice for anyone looking for a 1440p 32-inch monitor. 

ViewSonic VX3276-MHD – Best Budget 32-Inch Monitor

ViewSonic VX3276-MHD

The ViewSonic VX3276-MHD is our top choice for those hoping to save a bit of money while not sacrificing any of the picture quality that comes with this 32-inch monitor. This monitor comes with a 1080p resolution for a Full HD output. It still has the classic 16:9 aspect ratio that accompanies a widescreen design and has built-in HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA port technology that can connect a multitude of different devices to the monitor.

With IPS panel you will get stunning image quality from any angle. ViewSonic has also developed its own Screen Split software that helps to separate different viewing windows, giving a more productive output. Due to its Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Filter, you can use this monitor for a longer period without feeling any eye strain.

As far as 32-inch screens are concerned the ViewSonic VX3276-MHD offers some of the most incredible value in the market. It still delivers top quality visuals while remaining affordable, and for anyone not looking to empty their wallets on a 32-Inch monitor with a 60hz refresh rate, this is a great choice.