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Bath And Body Works Halloween 2022: Your Sneak Peek at This Year’s Scents

Bath And Body Works Halloween 2022: Your Sneak Peek at This Year’s Scents

Bath And Body Works Halloween 2022: Your Sneak Peek at This Year’s Scents

As a lover of all things spooky and fragrant, I can’t wait to immerse myself in the captivating world of Bath and Body Works’ Halloween 2022 collection. It’s that time of year when the air turns crisp, pumpkins appear on doorsteps, and Bath and Body Works fills their shelves with enchanting scents that encapsulate the spirit of fall.

This year’s collection promises an array of bewitching products to choose from. From pumpkin-spiced lotions that’ll make your skin feel like it’s wrapped in autumn itself to ghoul-themed hand sanitizers that are sure to be a hit at every Halloween party you attend. Bath and Body Works always knows how to celebrate the season in style!

Each year, Bath and Body Works steps up its game by rolling out unique products designed specifically for Halloween lovers. This includes candles with eerie packaging designs, stylish wallflower plugs featuring beloved holiday symbols, and much more. There’s just something special about walking into a room filled with the scent of sweet cinnamon pumpkin or marshmallow fireside during this time of year!

Bath And Body Works Halloween 2022

When it comes to ushering in the spooky vibes of Halloween, there’s no better way than with Bath and Body Works’ Halloween 2022 collection. Trust me, I’ve seen their lineup for this season and it’s a thrill fest that’ll get your heart pumping!

Spooky Candles and Home Fragrances

There’s something about flickering candles and eerie fragrances that set the perfect tone for a haunted evening. This year, they’re offering an array of fall-centric smells packed in fun, Halloween-themed containers. Imagine lighting up a ‘Vampire Blood’ candle! It fills up your room with a haunting blend of blood red strawberry, midnight blooming jasmine, and dark Transylvanian plum. Or what about ‘Midnight Boo Citrus’? It’s a ghostly mix of dark citrus zest, moonlit spring water, sweet poisoned mango — basically all things wicked wrapped into one.

And let’s not forget their iconic ‘Pumpkin Carving’ candle which is back again this year. This crowd-pleaser features freshly carved pumpkin, spiced pumpkin seeds and smooth brown sugar – pure autumn delight!

Creepy Body Care Products

Now onto my favorite part – body care products! Their unique range this season will make you smell frightfully good.

They’ve released some spine-chilling scents like ‘Wicked Vanilla Woods’, which is an intoxicating blend of warm vanilla musk swirled with an eerie touch of supernatural forest woods; or ‘Ghoul Friend’, composed notes of dark strawberries drenched in ghostly peony and spine chilling citrus.

Moreover, I am absolutely obsessed with their hand sanitizers this year. They’re dressed up in adorable monster packaging! Who wouldn’t want to sanitize on-the-go with these funky pocket-size essentials?

It doesn’t end there though – their shower gels are equally as exciting! I particularly love the ‘Candy Corn Marshmallow’ shower gel. It’s a sweet, candy-coated concoction that will make your showers feel like a Halloween treat.

You can’t go wrong with Bath And Body Works Halloween 2022 collection. Whether you’re looking to create an eerie ambiance in your home or add some spooky vibes to your personal care routine, they’ve got you covered!


Best Halloween Scents of 2022 at Bath and Body Works

If there’s one thing I love about Bath and Body Works, it’s their festive holiday collections. Every Halloween season, they outdo themselves with a range of delectable scents that fill your home with the spirit of spooky fun. Let’s dive into some of their standout fragrances for Halloween 2022.

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Witch’s Brew – A Classic Halloween Fragrance

There’s no better way to set the mood than with the tantalizing scent of Witch’s Brew. It fills your space with an intoxicating blend that perfectly captures the essence of witchcraft magic. The key notes here are smoky vanilla, patchouli, and a touch cinnamon — a bewitching concoction if I’ve ever smelled one!

This long-lasting fragrance is available in hand soaps, body lotions, and candles. So you can immerse yourself in its enchanting aroma throughout your home or on-the-go.

Haunted Woods – A Mysterious and Enchanting Scent

Haunted Woods is another must-try from this year’s collection. It evokes images of dark woods under a full moon – mysterious yet inviting. With primary notes of mahogany, black teakwood, and lavender – it’s as earthy as it is soothing.

Just like Witch’s Brew, you’ll find Haunted Woods in various formats including shower gels and fine fragrance mists along with candles and hand soaps.

In conclusion (whoops!), Bath & Body Works really nailed these Halloween scents for 2022. Both Witch’s Brew & Haunted Woods offer unique olfactory experiences that truly capture the allure of All Hallows’ Eve.