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AWP | Atheris is an Affordable Sniper Rifle in CS:GO

AWP | Atheris is an Affordable Sniper Rifle in CS:GO

AWP | Atheris is a very beautiful and memorable skin, first seen by players in 2019. The entire body is painted black. The case also features a blue-green African snake with a very aggressive look. It has a characteristic design: snake scales. Consequently, the color has a kind of completeness because all the elements are perfectly combined.

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Players consider this type of weapon to be a budget option, which is why the rifle is so popular. It belongs to the Prism collection with a Float Value of 0.00–1, so it can be obtained in absolutely any condition. If we look at its state availability and average prices, then the options are as follows:

● Factory New — from $10;

● Minimal Wear — from $4;

● Field-Tested — from $2;

● Well-Worn — from $1.60;

● Battle-Scarred — from $1.50.

As you can see, this skin is quite cheap in CS: GO. AWP | Atheris can be obtained from a Weapon Case. According to statistics, the probability is about 16%.

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Skin Image

The developers painted the skin black, and the most important thing was its snake image. At the same time, the rifle scope is also decorated with a thematic image. It looks like it is made of snake scales.

This skin is available in all exteriors, so the pattern may change as it wears. For example, with the Field-Tested exterior, some scratches and loss of paint saturation are already noticeable. With Well-Worn or Battle-Scarred exteriors, there are major color issues. Black paint can be completely worn off, making the skin less attractive. This type of skin is very popular among both gamers and potential investors because the demand for Atheris has not fallen since it was released four years ago.

This skin has been a symbol of CS: GO in recent years. Millions of players have been attracted to its design and affordable price tag. But even here, there is an opportunity to save money. Many grab the Factory New exterior skin for $10–12, although the Minimal Wear AWP | Atheris costs $4–6 and looks just as good. Especially if you make sure that your skin’s Float Value is between 0.07 and 0.11 since, at 0.12, you can already see some peeling paint on parts of the rifle.

As you can see, the skin is really in demand. And although it does not cost a lot of money, its advantage is that you can sell it on a small budget. Moreover, such colorful skin will find its buyer. Perhaps months or years later, the price of this skin will increase, and then the earnings will become even greater. The main thing, in this case, is to observe the skin and analyze game lovers’ transactions.