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Australian Online Gambling and Importance of Bonuses

Australian Online Gambling and Importance of Bonuses

Online gambling is very popular worldwide. Aussies, not being different from everyone else, like games of chance a lot too. Actually, it is Down Under is considered the country with the most players in the world. An extraordinary fact, given the strictness of local laws regarding gambling. However, there are many ways to gamble online, which is absolutely legal.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned gambler or a rookie; you absolutely have to follow essential rules while choosing casinos and playing online ​​$100 no-deposit bonus codes 2022 Australia to keep your wallet safe and your gaming experience positive. So let’s get to the point and put all the cards on the table.

Gambling License

You may have heard the warning a billion times, but it is indeed our duty to warn you once more: always look for a gambling license when choosing a new casino to play. It won’t take much of your time, but it is crucial for you. As they say, better safe than sorry. This saying suits here perfectly.

There are many gambling regulators across the world, for example, Macau Gaming Inspection, Malta Gaming Authority, and South Australia Independent Gambling Authority. Each has its own rules and limitations, but the presence of such a license drastically increases the level of the establishment’s trust.

Long story short: always look for the license, and if the venue has no or you can’t find proof, better spare it.

Payment Features

Given the strict gambling regulations in Australia, there are not many local online casinos. It is not a problem for a modern person, who can find anything on the web, regardless of where the service originates. However, you need to consider the payment methods in the chosen casino, the accepted currencies, and the availability of transactions, both deposits, and withdrawal, in your region.

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It is 2022; you can’t call yourself Mister Worldwide if you are not at least somewhat familiar with cryptocurrency and how to make payments with it. But we are not here to shame anyone. On the contrary, we encourage you to become more financially literate and get close quarters with crypto.

But if you prefer traditional payment methods and fiat currency, check the deposit and withdrawal methods at the chosen casino and the rules before making your first payment. You want to see the availability of transactions in AUD for the best convenience.

Feedback and Support

Talking about feedback, you want to know not only what experts say about the venue of your interest but also the people who have already played there and vice versa. So read at least a couple of articles or reviews about the casino and look at the users’ ratings and comments. There may be issues you won’t find until you try them yourself and the people who experienced them and even find the solutions.

For the sake of the issue solutions, every casino ought to provide players with the best support possible. Look for the venue’s support schedule, available languages, and contact methods. If they suit you, find users’ feedback about tech support. That’s about it.


It is called bonuses, but in modern casinos, it is an essential part that can be considered just a feature. You’re unlikely to find a single establishment that doesn’t offer you a dozen of freebies because such casinos simply can’t survive in the high-competitive modern industry, even in Australia.

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The same goes for you: neglecting the bonuses, you are much less likely to stay in black when gambling since taking advantage of every profitable opportunity that venue gives you may double or even triple your bankroll.

Quick Rundown

There are many types of bonuses. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

● Welcome bonus. The most popular and usually the most generous one in Australian casinos. Includes free spins, bonus cash, and deposit multipliers for signing up.

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● Deposit bonus. Presented in the form of cumulative rewards for consistent play and deposits in the casino. Comes with many useful features, including an ever-increasing deposit multiplier. In some cases, it gives high-rollers access to unique rewards.

● Referral program. Bring a friend- get a bonus, both of you. The term explains itself.

● Promotions. It can differ a lot, from the promo codes that come from different ads to big in-venue events timed to some event in the casino itself or elsewhere. For example, sportsbooks usually have promotions when any meaningful tourney takes place.

Wagering Conditions

Profit, being the most important part of the bonuses, is not the only thing to consider when it comes to freebies. The dark side is the wagering conditions.

In most cases, you can’t just withdraw the bonus money immediately after you deposit some. That money can only be used to play games and make bets. But when your wagered amount equals your initial deposit, the money you won will be withdrawable. That’s just an example; the real conditions may vary from venue to venue, so we strongly suggest you read them not to get yourself in something absolutely unfavorable.

Limit Your Bankroll

A significant last piece of advice. Don’t go head over heels when gambling; always restrain yourself from excessive spending. If you can afford to spend 100$ on a casino every month without damaging your budget, you have to stop playing immediately when you reach this sum.

Don’t be greedy. No bonuses should force you to spend more money than you planned firsthand, no matter how profitable it may be.