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An expansion to converted Kuva Liches and The Crimson Branch

An expansion to converted Kuva Liches and The Crimson Branch

An expansion to converted Kuva Liches and The Crimson Branch

The setting is a place known as the City of Hope, a city that was once the center of the vast empire of the human nation of Kaul. It was founded in the year 200 A.D. by the people who would later become the Crimson Branch. The city was originally built on the ruins of another city, which was initially named “Kuladis” in honor of the ancient kingdom of Lemuria, and was founded in the year 1000 B.C. The city we know today as “Kuladis” was built at some point between the years 1000 and 1250 A.D., and was named so because the area was once home to a human kingdom of Lemuria.

In the past, when a player takes negative radiation damage they would simply take effect after each turn. But that can become a massive problem, especially in regards to this years conversion changes. Now, if a player dies from negative effects, they will be permanently stuned and forced to wait one turn before they can act again. This means you can’t “waste” a turn stuned, and will likely find yourself dying for good if you ever take too much damage.

A subtype of Kuva-lich, Kuva Corrupter, will appear in this expansion. This enemy will be a bit harder to fight, and as a main attack it turns players and storage devices into new corruptors. The conversion process will be long and slow, giving players time to A. find a way to kill the corruptor before he finishes his work, or B. find a way to escape the conversion.

Well, the latest expansion of Undergrowthgames Turning Liches and The Crimson Branch came out a few weeks ago, so I guess I can write about it here. The expansion is simply called Transformed Kuva Liches and Crimson Branch and is an expansion for Turning Liches and The Crimson Branch from undergrowthgames. It came out a few weeks ago, so I guess I can write about the expansion here. The expansion is simply called Transformed Kuva Liches and Crimson Branch and is an expansion for Turning Liches and The Crimson Branch from undergrowthgames.

Given that Kuvas can command Lichs railguns, and the imminent arrival of the Parvos sisters with a (seemingly) much more interesting reward in the form of dogs, I wondered how transformed Lichs could be created and upgraded.


Processed lychees play a lean and episodic supporting role: They appear, do almost nothing, and then disappear. The main reason to convert liches is not to get a personal companion, but to trade them with other players who want certain ephemera or kuva weapons.

Similarly, Crimson Branch is a glorified trading post where only liches can be traded. The play serves no other purpose and repeats what has plagued the place for so long: a class act that (mostly) does nothing.


I’m going to split these ideas between GAMEPLAY and FASHION, because I think both are equally important to Warframe.


  • Immediately and what ED already knows: Lychee on demand, a simpler change is not possible, don’t make it random.
  • One of the biggest problems with the lich right now is that players have very little control over the power of the lich’s weapon. While the item and weapon can be reliably chosen through wiki research and planning, the bonus part is random. Also, you can’t increase the bonus after conversion, whereas we can on Kuva’s own weapon with valence transfer.
  • It would be pretty easy (conceptually, I have no idea how hard it would be to program) to build in valence transfer for leach weapons. If I have 3 free Kuva Nukor, I can throw them at my Leach and boost his Nukor, it’s that simple.
  • However, this still creates the problem that you need a separate lich for every possible weapon and item (at least in theory, in practice you’ll probably only need the top weapons). And personally, I’d rather have a few liches that I own and have a history with than 10 or 20 that I can alternate between. A simple solution? Allow Lichs to change weapons after conversion using the same system the Railjack team uses now, but only for Kuva weapons.
  • But leeches are more than their weapons (or should be), they have Warframe properties, something unique, specific to the way they were made. And they are disappointing. They are so weak that even if they get out, they survive anything but food easily. The solution? It’s in her name, Kuva. We have a supply of the stuff, why don’t we expand the Crimson Branch and be able to strengthen our lychees by filling them with old blood. Increase their abilities, maybe even improve them, give us leech ability trees, let them use helminth abilities – the possibilities are endless. This could also be a good use of Kuva for players who don’t like or fit the Riven system.


  • Mods are just as important as gameplay (at least to me), and we can’t control the outcome. The only thing we can influence is the base color, all volatile, and the body type our future lich will have. And the head that adorns his shoulder.
  • All types of armor, accessories and colors depend on the occasion. There’s a certain fan-friendliness to it, it’s nice that the lychees are diverse and (quite) unique in appearance, I don’t mind it at all. But I would also like to give my lich some different clothes from time to time, a new helmet, a cool cape, maybe one of those cool eye patches from Kuva. Some with ephemera, my very first lich has been with me since the system came out, but he has no ephemera and it would be a mistake to replace him just because the new guy looks cooler.
  • The solution to this problem, and a whole new round of fox rewards, is to have defeated foxes give up (part of) their armor. If I fight a lich and defeat him, why can’t I rip off a piece of his armor and give it to my faithful companion? With this new helmet, the blood will be peeling off in no time!
  • The same goes for mayflies, our pets can equip them, why can’t the creatures they are descended from do the same? Limit them to the appropriate elements if necessary, but why can’t I dress them in fire or ice?
  • And this can also be extended to other areas of the game. Maybe it’s weird that my buddy still has my severed head hanging off his shoulder, but what if I made him wear Stalker’s head instead? The head of a jackal? Vay Hek’s? Another reason to revisit some bosses you fought years ago.

And where does all that fashion and decoration go? Why Crimson Branch? Of course, the room is already specifically focused on lichens, their concept is so cool, and I wish I had more control over our wrinkled buddies.

  • Leechy Cuva: Nemesis in evolution

Despite the positive changes taking place in the Kuva Leachs, there is still one aspect of the system that falls short: It’s like a nemesis that evolves over time depending on the player’s actions. To this end, I propose the following changes/additions: A nascent lich after the creation of a lich….

  • An idea for the Kuva Leech Corps: The ghosts of the network.

A friend and I were talking, and we got to talking about the Kuva-Lish Corps. And we thought they should essentially be the physical brains of the super AI in the machine. This is a body that’s climbed high enough on the ladder to have enough money…….

  • Improving the image of Kuwait

Lichi Kuva is an interesting addition to Warframe, but I think it needs improvement. Here are some of my suggestions for turning leeches into the real enemies we want to fight. It’s going to be a long read, but enjoy it and let me know what you think! Leeches die (again) and…

Post An expansion for the convertible game Kuva Liches and The Crimson Branch for the game Warframe.

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This source was very helpful in our research. Learn more about the Kuva lich Railjack team and tell us what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the KUWA light is transformed?

The Kuva Leak is a powerful creature that escaped from the Kuva Fortress after Griner discovered Kuva. Although Kuva Leach has never been seen on Earth, it is believed to be the source of artifacts that have appeared in our solar system in recent years. In his hands he holds a powerful staff that projects rays of concentrated Kuva energy, which he uses to empower his servants – the Guardians of Kuva. While the Kuva-lich is immune to most types of damage, it is vulnerable to crowd control abilities that interfere with its control of Kuva energy. This is a sensitive text. Click the Edit and Re-Generate button to create a new copy.

Can you trade in KUVA-Lichs?

I recently started a new game, and I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I was bored. So I decided to try Necros’ voice-acting in the style of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. After failing to make a deal with a player trying to sell me Kuva Lich, I realized that the game mechanics made no sense. According to the text of the exchange, the Cuva lychee is a commodity that can be exchanged, and the seller is asking 15 for it. However, litchis are not commercially available and I have not been able to find out how to get them. The salesman at Necros didn’t even know the name of the item he was selling, and his only response was: In Warframe, Kuva is an important resource used to make Warframes and weapons. The Kuva can be obtained by killing enemies in the Void or by completing the Kuva Siphon quest. Kuva is needed to enter the Kuva Siphon, which brings out the Kuva Guardian. Kuva Guardians are harmful enemies that can drop Kuva after they are dead. Kuva Guardians can be converted to Kuva in the Kuva Siphon.

How do you get Lich-Ephemera?

Ephemera Lich is one of the most powerful items in Warframe, but also one of the hardest to obtain. Fortunately, this article will tell you everything you need to know about how to get lich ephemera. If you have some free time or Warframe Platinum, you can take the trouble to mine the necessary materials or just buy them on the Warframe Marketplace. Either way, you won’t regret it when you get your first engram. Lich Ephemera is a currency used to purchase a special weapon, the Lich. It is a weapon, which only Tenno can use. releases an energy ball that explodes in a shrapnel storm. The bullet of energy released by the Leach is a bit slow, but faster than a normal projectile. The fragments released by the bullet move in a straight line and overtake enemies as they hit them.