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Airpods keep disconnecting: Causes and How to Fix It

Airpods keep disconnecting: Causes and How to Fix It

Airpods are not perfect. From the start, disconnection issues have been a problem for Airpod users. Even though their sales numbers are incredible, there still room for improvement with this product.

Though the occasional disconnection may not be a huge issue at first, over time it can become more irritating. Today, we’re going to explore some of the reasons your Airpods may be disconnecting and how it can be fixed.

why do my airpods keep disconnecting

The Airpods will disconnect from your device for a variety of reasons, some easier to fix than others. One is that their battery may be low and needs charging.

Another is that they are out of range or have lost Bluetooth connection with the device you’re trying to connect them to. There might also be other factors like if an object blocks the signal between your phone and Aipods, or if there’s interference from nearby devices such as microwaves in close proximity to your phone.

Issue with iOS Version

If your iOS version is out-of-date, you may encounter bugs or errors that have already been fixed in a later version. These errors can include compatibility issues between your Airpods and device.

To ensure this doesn’t become a problem, make it a habit to keep all of your devices up-to-date so they’ll run smoothly with the latest patches.

Hardware gets damaged

If your Airpods keep disconnecting from your iPhone, it’s possible that there is a hardware problem with the earphones. The first thing you should do is to check if there are any obvious signs of wear and tear on the earbuds. If one or both of them has become damaged, then you can try replacing them for a new set.

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If you’ve already replaced your Airpods or if they don’t appear to be damaged in any way, then the next thing you should do is to reset your Apple device.

How to fix airpods keep disconnecting

Forget the Airpods on your iPhone

This is a common reason why your Airpods keep dosconnecting. If your forget the Airpods on your iPhone, they will disconnect automatically.

Check that the Bluetooth is turned on and connected to your device

If there’s no Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and the Airpods, they won’t be able to communicate properly. To fix this, turn off and turn on the Bluetooth again. You can do this by opening Settings and going to the Bluetooth option in General settings. Then tap on the toggle for Bluetooth until it turns green.