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AFK Arena – How To Enhance Gear

AFK Arena – How To Enhance Gear

AFK Arena – How To Enhance Gear

At first, AFK Arena was just a simple arena map made by a handful of members of the Time to Eat Cake forums. There was nothing special about it. It was a simple arena map made by a small community of map makers and players, and it attracted a modest number of players. However, despite its simplicity, AFK Arena slowly evolved into a very popular map.

AFK Arena is a unique Minecraft Combat server that hosts players from all over the world in a friendly environment to play and enjoy the game. The server is designed so all players have a good time and enjoy themselves, but they also are subjected to fair penalties for abusing the server and its rules.

Upgrading your equipment is one of the many ways to increase the power of your heroes in the AFK arena.

Whether it’s upgrading your team or the daily task of upgrading your equipment, this guide will show you how to upgrade your equipment.

To upgrade equipment in the AFK arena, go to the Heroes tab in the bottom menu of the game, select the Hero with the equipment you want to upgrade, click on the equipment, click Upgrade, select the tokens or equipment you want to sacrifice, and then click Confirm.

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To amplify the transmission

In the AFK arena, you can only upgrade rare or rarer equipment, which means you can’t upgrade equipment if it’s just ordinary.

Rare transmission has a blue background, normal transmission has a green background, and normal transmission has a gray background.

Elite equipment with a purple background, legendary equipment with an orange background and mythical equipment with a red background can also be upgraded.

Once you have an item with a blue, purple, orange or red background, you can upgrade in the AFK arena.

Before you can upgrade your gear, one of your heroes must wear it.

To do this go to the Heroes tab in the bottom menu of the game, select the hero, then click on a specific equipment slot and select the outfit you want, or just use the Gear button.

The Equipment button allows the selected hero to automatically wear the best equipment you have for that hero that has not yet been given to another hero.

The following illustration shows how the device can be manually equipped.

Now that you have it equipped, you can upgrade it, provided of course that it is rare or very rare.

To upgrade an outfit, click on the equipment piece on the side of the character wearing the outfit you want to upgrade.

On the hero’s side, you just gave him an outfit.

When you click on an object with the mouse, a popup window opens that displays the statistics.

In the pop-up window of the device item, you will also find the Enhance button, click it.

You will now be redirected to the upgrade page for this device.

Here you can upgrade him by spending upgrade coins and other equipment.

The enhancement markers and gears are selected to add enhancement points to the selected item.

Just above the grid, where the upgrade icons and all your equipment are, you can see how many upgrade points you need to upgrade the selected item to the next upgrade level.

In the image below you can see what the item upgrade looks like in the game.

If you are satisfied with your choice of bullet points and enhancement gears and want to use them to enhance the selected item, click Confirm.

Note that when you use the selected extension, tokens and transfers are destroyed to extend the selected item.

So be careful when spending on equipment to improve your products.

The number of victory points needed to advance a device to the next victory level depends on the rarity and type of the device.

That’s it! You have now upgraded your equipment in the AFC arena and become stronger.

Priority transfer of updates

At the beginning of the game, you have enough resources to upgrade the equipment of your five main characters.

The further you get in the game, the more expensive it becomes to upgrade your equipment. So first you have to decide which items and which hero you want to upgrade.

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Here are some tips on how to improve your gear in the AFK arena.

Especially improve the equipment of your heroes, because they have the greatest influence on the outcome of battles.

Once you’ve upgraded your carriers, you can start upgrading your tanks and supporting heroes.

Later in the game you will only want to upgrade equipment that contains the faction bonus, as these are the only items you will want to use in a fully optimized team.

So even if you don’t have any faction heroes on your team that match the faction bonus, you should still upgrade them, as you will later in the game.

Third: Since upgrades are expensive, there is no immediate need to upgrade the entire device as there is no cost to do so.

Instead, line the unit out, then the other part of the unit.

Do this until all the equipment of your favorite hero is level 3, and then switch to another hero.

If you spend money to increase the transfer

Equipment upgrades are expensive in the CFA arena, especially in the late game.

However, it is necessary. The answer to that question is yes. You have to spend your resources, gold to be exact, to improve your equipment.

Upgrade tokens and gears you don’t need, except to upgrade other gears.

To find out what else you can spend your gold on, check out our article The best way to spend your time in the AFC arena.

Learn how to upgrade your gear in the AFK arena and how to prioritize and spend your resources!

If you have any suggestions for this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.

When it comes to the world of gaming, the term “AFK” means “away from keyboard”. While gamers use a variety of different ways to get the most out of their PC games, the most common is to create a single-player mode that allows them to take a break from their game while still being able to keep a steady connection. This is especially helpful when you’re doing important tasks, like farming for gold or leveling up, and it can be a huge help when playing MMOs and other types of games where a connection can be difficult to maintain.. Read more about afk arena upgrade signature items and let us know what you think.