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Advantages of Using a Gaming Keyboard

Advantages of Using a Gaming Keyboard

A standard keyboard works just fine for day-to-day activities on a computer. When gaming, however, many people prefer to use a specially designed-gaming keyboard. Most PC games require many more keypresses and much faster responses than what standard keyboards can handle. Gaming keyboards are more durable and can easily keep up with fast commands.

Comfort is Key

When playing certain kinds of PC games, especially shooter games, you need to hit the keys on your keyboard quickly. There will be times when you have to hit the same key repeatedly, dozens of times in just a few seconds; each hit telling the game to do something.

Standard keyboards are designed to cope with steady typing; they cannot withstand long-term use by gamers. Gaming keyboards are, however. They’re built to last much longer and take more hits than standard ones. Also, they’re a lot more comfortable for gamers since they’re smaller and designed with posture and ergonomics in mind. Many gamers prefer mechanical gaming keyboards because they’re faster and more responsive.

You Can Type Faster

A standard keyboard is designed to handle hours of steady typing. Time is of the essence when playing PC games, especially online competitive ones. You need the keyboard to be as efficient as possible so that the computer reacts accordingly every time you hit a key.

Gaming keyboards are designed to cope with more frequent hits than a standard ones. As well as this, you’ll find that on a gaming keyboard, the keys are faster to respond. In other words, you don’t need to push them down as much for the computer to register that you’re hitting them. Lighter taps are required, enabling gamers to play more quickly and efficiently.

Control Pads Improve Control

Many PC gamers use a mouse and keyboard, though some prefer controllers. These are the same as what you use when playing console games. They can be wired or wireless, and while they’re a cheaper alternative to gaming keyboards, they can be just as effective. They’re designed to fit in your hands and not cause injuries through long-term play.

You hold the control pad in your two hands. With a gaming keyboard, it’s the fingers you use the most. If it’s a control pad you’ve got, you’ll be using your thumbs to give most of the inputs. Many gamers find that control pads are easier and more convenient than keyboards.

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Macros Make Everything Easier

Usually, hitting one key on a keyboard results in a video game performing one action. You could hit a particular key to throw one object, for example. Macros are special keys that let you perform a sequence of actions with just one hit of a key.

For example, if you hit a macro key, your in-game character could throw an object, run ten steps, and crouch. That’s multiple actions from just one keyboard hit. Some video games, such as Fortnite, have banned using macros because it gives players an advantage. In others, especially solo ones, macro keys are allowed. If you’re playing a game that allows them, you could find them beneficial. They reduce the number of times you need to hit the keyboard and let you perform actions more quickly.


A gaming keyboard can work wonders if you’re into competitive gaming or want to play highly advanced games. Playing video games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II or online casino games like Amatic slots can be much more streamlined and enjoyable when using a gaming keyboard.