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9 Minecraft Survival Tips

9 Minecraft Survival Tips


Minecraft is a wildly popular MMO in which users explore an open world, dig for resources, construct unique items, and even cast spells. Minecraft’s appeal lies in its giving users the freedom to shape the game world to their liking. The player has complete agency in Minecraft.

Expert players can even modify the game’s code to fit their own preferences, a feature unavailable in any other game. This might be intriguing enough to get someone interested in playing the game. The good thing is once you learn the tricks, playing the game will be as easy as playing slots at Vegas online casino. If you’re interested in learning the ropes of Minecraft, here are a few pointers to get you started.

1. Stay Protected

Since Minecraft is a survival game, you should always take precautions to ensure your safety. In Minecraft, your best line of defense is a good offense. Keeping yourself safe in Minecraft is easy if you follow these guidelines. Protect yourself from harm by always donning armor and keeping a weapon within your Hotbar.

You can fortify your defenses by making a shield. Protect yourself from mobs by constructing walls around your home, and turn on the lights at home and on your travels to keep monsters at bay.

2. Look Out for Hazards When Underground


Cave exploration requires extreme caution. Subterranean dangers include lava and hostile mobs. It’s easy to perish if you’re careless. Be sure to pack lots of water, food, and a few flashlights.

3. You Must Have a Shelter

If you’re being chased by a mob, taking refuge in a building can help. Some hostile crowds congregate during the day, but the vast majority are active at night. Having a safe place to sleep the first night is crucial. Your initial place to sleep will most likely be a makeshift one.

Don’t worry yourself silly over it. Just make a little fort to keep the elements at bay. Wooden planks, dirt, sand, or anything else might be used to construct a Minecraft shelter. Your shelter might be larger and more comfortable after you settle on a permanent site.

4. Don’t Dig Straight Down

You’ve probably heard it said more than once that you shouldn’t do something in Minecraft. People often remark this because it might be tough to get back up after falling down. The risks of going underground directly are as follows:

You run the risk of dying if you stumble upon a hidden ravine, are attacked by monsters, or fall into a pit of lava.

5. Food is Essential

You can’t go too long without eating in Minecraft. When your hunger bar is full, your health bar is going to replenish if you take damage. When the health bar gets low, the hunger bar goes empty. Harvesting crops and slaughtering livestock to cook their meat are two methods of obtaining sustenance. Grain, sugar cane, and other ingredients can be used on a crafting table to make tasty recipes.

6. Don’t Forget to Explore

The game’s emphasis on exploration is a major draw. When you begin a new Minecraft world, all you have at your disposal is a map. Check out the planet with the help of the map. As you travel and learn more, the map will get more detailed. Remember anything that catches your eye. Caves, new biomes, villages, buildings, and temples all fit this description.

Don’t let your map get lost! You will have to start from scratch if you happen to drop your map and have it get lost. Don’t stray too far from your safe haven. Since each Minecraft world is generated at random, its size is theoretically unlimited. In Minecraft, becoming lost is a common occurrence.

The coordinates of your safe haven can be recorded by simultaneously hitting the “fn” and “f3” keys; this will help you find your way if you become disoriented.

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7. Craft Your Armor

Armor is worn to add a layer of safety. Leather (obtained by killing cows), iron, chainmail, gold, and diamond can all be used in construction. The four armor components are the headpiece, the chest plate, the leggings, and the boots. Construct each part separately, then equip it from your inventory.

8. Always Have a Bucket of Water

Water is a crucial element for survival in the game of Minecraft. When caught in a rainstorm, seeking shelter under a tree and considering climbing it for added protection is advisable. In desert environments, obtaining water by locating a cactus and extracting its liquid by breaking it open is possible.


Carrying a water bucket is recommended as it allows you to collect water whenever you come across a water source conveniently.

9. Get Durable Tools

Have you ever experienced the frustration of your weapon breaking while attacking a mob or your pickaxe breaking while digging a mine?

In Minecraft, tools have limited durability that decreases with each use. Once a tool reaches a certain number of uses, it will break and become unusable. To prevent this issue, it is important to regularly monitor the durability of your tools and consider using materials that offer increased durability when crafting new tools.

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Minecraft is a game that may appear simple at first glance, but it involves a significant level of complexity, particularly for those new to it. To enhance your skills and become an accomplished player in Minecraft, consider implementing the above tips and tricks.