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8 Tips to Fix High Ping with a VPN Optimized for Gaming

8 Tips to Fix High Ping with a VPN Optimized for Gaming

Gaming used to be quite casual back in the day, but these days, every game seems like it’s an action-packed adventure. From games like Call of Duty: Warzone to Valorant, Fortnite, and more, the stakes have never been higher.

And with these high stakes, every second matters when you are looking to down your enemy as quickly as possible. But making every second count can become a bit of an issue when you don’t have a good internet connection. High ping is the bane of every online gamer. But thanks to a gaming VPN, you can sort this out too..

After all, to fix this issue, your best bet is to use a VPN optimized for gaming. A VPN will ensure that there is no data loss and you are closer than ever to the servers of the game you are playing. This will drastically reduce ping and create an environment conducive to high-voltage gaming.

No, seriously! I have been using ExpressVPN while gaming, and I’ve seen some significant improvement in the ping rates. The ping rate dropped as soon as I connected to the nearest server of ExpressVPN. You can check out the ExpressVPN review by VPNRanks to see what it can do for enhanced gaming.

In this blog, we will talk about 8 tips that will help you fix the issue of high ping. Read on.

8 Great Tips To Fix High Ping To Improve Your Gaming

Use A Trustworthy VPN

Many VPNs are available in the market, but very few are good enough to be used for gaming. We realize that free VPNs can be quite tempting, but none of them are secure, safe, or consistent enough to provide you with a quality gaming experience. They leave you vulnerable to malware and cyberattacks and steal your data when they should be doing the opposite.

Instead, choose a VPN that you can trust. In this case, we highly recommend using a VPN like ExpressVPN. It is a premium VPN with strong encryption, a wide network of servers, and a strict no-logging policy. It will not only speed up your gaming but also keep it secure.

The Right Server Can Make All The Difference

It makes sense that the closer you are to the gaming server you are using, the lower the ping. After all, the data would take less time to travel. The easiest way to do that is to track which region or country your gaming server is located in. Then, you will use your VPN to connect to a server in that specific region or country.

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This is where a VPN like ExpressVPN comes in handy because it has thousands of servers in over 90 countries. This means that you will have your choice of location when choosing the nearest server.

Ensure The Use Of A DNS Server

DNS servers also provide that extra layer of proximity that allows you to enhance your gaming experience. If you are using a reputable VPN like ExpressVPN, then you will have access to proprietary DNS servers that you should automatically connect to when establishing a VPN connection.

Tinker With Your VPN Protocols

VPN protocols are responsible for many things, but the main responsibility they have is to establish a certain level of encryption. The stronger the encryption, the safer you are. But there is a downside to it. The stronger the encryption, the longer the target server will take to decipher that encryption, leading to a higher ping. Your VPN might be using OpenVPN, which is very secure but can lead to slower connections.

Instead, we recommend choosing WireGuard, which is much faster. And if you are using a VPN like ExpressVPN, you will automatically be using a proprietary protocol like Lightway, which is both lightweight and secure.

Disable The Proxy

Some VPNs come with proxies built-in. These proxies are known as SOCKS5 or Shadowsocks. These proxies are fine to use in a general sense, but they lead to an increased encryption overhead, which can lead to a slower connection.

If you are using one of these VPNs, then we recommend you either disable the proxy or, better yet, switch to a VPN like ExpressVPN. Also, ensure that your Windows doesn’t have a similar proxy enabled.

Set Up Split-Tunneling

Split-tunneling is a great tool that you can use to decide which app uses the VPN connection and which doesn’t. If all apps or browsers use the VPN, this increases the overhead, leading to a higher ping and slower connection.

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Instead, any reputable VPN will have split tunneling, which you can enable. Then it is recommended that you remove any inessential apps from the VPN’s purview.

Tinker With Obfuscation Mode

Obfuscation mode is when your VPN spoofs your IP address through multiple specialized servers to ensure that your ISP doesn’t detect your use of a VPN. Enabling obfuscation mode can be an advantage, as it can remove bandwidth throttling.

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On the other hand, if you’ve been using obfuscated servers previously for other purposes, then switched to gaming, it might be negatively affecting ping and might need to be turned off.

Use a GPN

GPNs are quite similar to VPNs, but the main difference is that they are specialized for gaming instead of a more general experience. So, using them for torrenting, streaming, or even basic browsing is out of the question. You will only be able to use them for gaming.

Kill Ping is a GPN that might be able to help you with high ping issues. But if you are looking to secure and speed up all your online activity and not just gaming, then you might be better off using a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Wrapping It Up

With these 8 tips, you should be able to get rid of that pesky high ping problem in no time. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for this job, as it provides a versatile platform and a whole host of tools that you can employ to improve your experience.

Its customizability and versatility make it one of the best VPNs in the market for just about any use.