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8 Proven Tactics For Better Customer Experience In Call Center

8 Proven Tactics For Better Customer Experience In Call Center


Did you know that 80% of customers never return after a bad call center experience?

The main reasons that contribute to customers ditching your brand include a frustrating call hold, call waits, and unhelpful agents.

But ever imagined what if that customer story could have a different ending? What if there are ways to provide customer experience in a call center?

In this article, we will explore the 8 game-changing tactics that will help you to turn negative customer reactions into positive ones. Also, we’ll talk about how to transform your call center issues into goals by building long-lasting customer relationships.

Why is Improving Customer Experience Important for Businesses?

Any business that tends to offer phenomenal products and services requires a lot of dedication and effort to cultivate exceptional customer experiences. So, let’s talk about how a solid CX strategy can elevate your business.

Improve Customer Retention

Have you ever heard about “Starbucks Rewards”? It is one of the strategies adopted by Starbucks for improving customer retention.

It provides many discounts, offers, and personalizations for individual customers, leading to positive customer experiences. It builds an emotional connection with your brand, resulting in a longer customer relationship.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

By understanding and meeting customers’ needs, businesses create an environment where customers feel appreciated and valued.

In return, it leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction, which is the core of any successful business. Satisfied customers are more likely to remain loyal but also share their word-of-mouth experiences with others, contributing to organic growth.


Likewise, enhancing customer satisfaction involves effective communication, personalized services, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Increase Cross-Selling And Up-Selling

Businesses can have an opportunity to increase their cross-selling and up-selling by improving the overall customer experience. So when customers have a positive interaction with a brand, then they are more likely to explore your additional products and trust recommendations.

These moments can help your business maximize revenue while strengthening the customer-business relationship. For instance, Amazon effectively employs cross-selling and up-selling strategies like“frequently bought together” tabs on product listings and product recommendations during the checkout phase to enhance the shopping experience for its customers.

Build Trust And Brand Loyalty

Customers tend to believe in a business that appears local to them. Hence, businesses should consider giving more importance to creating a local business presence. One effective way to make a local presence is by getting a phone number with an area code that resonates with the area. For instance, if your business is located in the USA, then you should consider getting a USA virtual phone number with an area code like 205, 251, 256, 334, 659, 938, 240, 207, etc, that resonates with the area.

Utilizing a phone number with a local area code allows you to connect with customers on a personal level, ensuring clear communication and a sense of familiarity. Remember, every touchpoint is a chance to build trust and strengthen connections. Getting a local phone number is a small step that can make a huge difference in building long-term relationships.

Call centers were once seen as anonymous and frustrating because of wait times. So, it is important to implement the right strategies to transform it into a positive hub and make it a better customer experience center.

Here are eight proven tactics for better customer experience in a call center.

Understand All Phases Of Customer Journeys

It’s crucial to understand your customer journey. Analyze their phases from the start of contact to the post-interaction follow-up so that you can easily find the pain point and have room for improvement.

Also, this enables call centers to personalize customer interactions, Recognizing customer needs and providing desired service will leave a lasting positive impression on them.

Use Omnichannel For A Better Customer Experience

Are you still using many channels like phone, chat, email, and social media separately? if yes, then it is time to change into a unified platform known as omnichannel.


Integrating omnichannel communication channels facilitates a seamless experience by providing consistency to customers and a holistic view of their interactions. You can also switch seamlessly between them without repeating information, leading to fostering convenience, building trust, and boosting call center efficiency.

Use New Technology To Simplify The Process

Leverage advanced technologies, which include artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and Interactive Voice Response (IVRs), to help streamline processes. This technology helps customers to have a self-service and allows them to have a quick response to common queries.

This frees up call center agents to manage those tasks and enables them to focus on complex issues while streamlining the experience for tech-savvy customers.

Manage Call Center Performance

One easy way to view call center performance is through call center metrics like First Call Resolution (FCR), Average Handle Time (AHT), and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). This data-driven approach provides insights into where your call center is performing well and where giving time and effort is necessary.

While conducting quality monitoring sessions, managers can utilize the real-time monitoring features offered by cloud based call center software, like call monitoring and call analytics. These features help identify areas for improvement and provide real-time feedback on agents’ communication skills in order to enhance overall customer service.

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Collect Customer Feedback

It’s also important to collect customer feedback to provide better customer experience. You can collect feedback via surveys, post-calls, and questionnaires. Also, you can use social media to capture customer sentiment. Besides that, actively listen to their suggestions and concerns and use this feedback so that customers can know you care and build trust among them.

Offer Multiple Ways For Customers To Contact You

Phone lines remain essential during telephony conversations. Yet 78% of consumers say they would like to be able to text a business. Hence, it’s important to offer multiple ways for customers to contact you, like messages, emails, and live chat options, besides phone calls. This flexibility empowers customers to choose the most convenient channel for their needs.

Train Your Agents To Be Customer Champions

Always remember your agents are the voice of your brand. So, it is important that the voice you use resonates with your customers.

Invest in high-level training that equips your agents with the knowledge, skills, and empathy to handle any situation. Additionally, make sure that your representative listens to customers, solves problems, and has a positive attitude.

Create A Culture Of Customer-Centricity

Foster a culture where every employee, regardless of position, embraces customer care as their core value. So, encourage collaboration between many departments to ensure a seamless experience across all channels.

By implementing these tactics, you can transform your call center from a business necessity to an asset. As a result, you can build long-lasting customer relationships and foster brand loyalty.


By investing in these nine strategies, you’re not just improving call center metrics, you’re making a strategic investment in your company’s future.

Remember, every satisfied customer becomes a potential brand ambassador, spreading the message of your commitment to exceptional service. So, transform your customer interactions into a competitive advantage by optimizing your call center.


What are the types of customer experience?

Some of the types of customer experience(CX) are:

  • Digital experience
  • In-person experience
  • Phone interactions
  • End-to-end journey experience
  • Social media experience

What does CX mean in a call center?

It refers to the overall impression a customer has based on their interactions with a company’s call center services.

How do you show good customer experience?

You can show good customer experience by actively listening to them. Providing responses promptly, offering personalization, collecting feedback, clear communications, and so on.