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7 Most popular female athletes in Poland who love casinos

7 Most popular female athletes in Poland who love casinos

The love for entertainment among athletes is unmatched and gambling is one of the activities that athletes love. Poker is a competitive sport played for entertainment purposes and requires mental skills to play and win at the highest level consistently. Do you know that there are women who beat men in casino games?

Today, casino games are not only meant for men. Women have indulged themselves in the industry and proven to be the best. It is high time people shift their attention to women who play some of the popular casino games. Who are the most famous female gambling athletes to watch? Klara Czerwinska lists down the 7 most famous athletes who love casinos.

Female dominance in online casinos

Gambling is a pastime activity that seems to gain momentum regardless of the negative implications or current worldwide economic issues. Women have risen in the iGaming business today. They seem to pose a challenge to men as gamers and as casino business owners. Casino masculinity is vanishing, and the female gender seems ambitious to prove its potential in the gambling industry. Whether playing at reviewed kasyna online Polska casinos or on land-based casinos, women are not backing down. Here are a few who can’t seem to get enough of casinos.

Claudine Williams

She is a true legend in gambling, the first woman to enter the Gaming Hall of Fame. Claudine was the first female in world history to venture into the gambling business. However, she was neither a poker nor a blackjack player Claudine pioneered running a casino business in the 1960s in Las Vegas. She began her impressive career at the age of 15 and opened her business in Texas at 21. At the age of 88, Claudine opened Strip casino, Holiday casino, and other restaurants that offered gambling services. Although she died in 2009, the Nevada Gaming Hall of Fame has published her achievements.

Vanessa Selbst

When the word poker pops up, Vanessa Selbst should be the name that clicks first. She is the best poker player the world has today. Her career kicked off at the age of 35 years after participating in her first WSOP in 2006. Selbst became the only female player who won three bracelets in an open field event during this era. Her incredible career rose to rank on the world Global Poker Index. She won the PCA high roller prize worth $1.4 million in 2013, which ranked her the world's highest-earning female poker player. Vanessa is a poker legend, having won more than $11 million throughout her career.

Kristen Bicknell

Kristen is a 33-year-old lady who holds a great name by playing poker. She began playing poker at reputable online casino sites and became successful out of practice. Kristen holds the second runners up in WSOP with two bracelets. In 2017 Bicknell became the highest-ranked female poker player among live tournament players. Kristen won various mixed and ladies tournaments in 2013 and 2016. Her estimated winnings are close to $5 million.

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Jennifer Harman

She accompanies the poker legends Vanessa and Bicknell, in the top three best female gamblers. The American poker player is known for holding several achievements in the casino world. She has won two World Series of Poker Bracelets, making her rise to the top three positions. Her success comes after practicing poker at home. Harman entered the Poker Hall of Fame by winning various tournaments worth $3 million.

Shannon Fadal

Shannon was an actress and a film producer globally known for her American comedies, including Love Actually and American Pie. A few years ago, Shannon chose gambling as her second career and succeeded. Her skills have made her win several tournaments, bringing a quarter-million dollars to her bank account. Although Fadal has played in najlepsze kasyno online, she prefers not to talk about it.

Denise Coates

She is the ultimate gambler. Denise and her brother John risked by mortgaging their family betting shops to start an online betting platform. Their gamble paid off and grew to Bet365, which is one of the top-rated platforms at kasyna online w Polsce. The business is earning 12 billion pounds in bets every year. In 2017 the company made £525 million, making Denise the majority shareholder with a £199 million salary. According to econometrics, she is the highest-paid boss in Britain.

Pansy Ho

Pansy is the daughter of the Chinese gambling tycoon Stanley Ho. She had a leg-up in the gambling industry from a young age. Pansy says she was born with a silver gambling chip in her mouth. Pansy Ho hit the headlines in 2008 when she opened MGM Macau in conjunction with MGM Mirage. She has proven to be an ambitious businesswoman in the gambling industry.