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6 Big Changes Caused By the AI Technology

6 Big Changes Caused By the AI Technology

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No matter where you click online, you’ll encounter one AI topic or another. While this may attribute to sensationalism or bandwagon hopping, the truth is far from that. Simply put, AI is shaping the world that we live in, and this is starting to show in more and more industries. With all of this in mind and without further ado, here are the top six big changes caused by AI technology in different fields and industries.

Greater Job Automation

AI can already do a lot of menial, repetitive tasks better than the human workforce. It can do these tasks quicker and with a much smaller margin of error. In fact, since human error is such a big concern and, with the right instructions, AI can completely avoid this problem, one would argue that the quality of service will increase drastically. In other words, it’s not just about the reduced cost.

While many fear this will completely replace the human workforce, nothing could be further from the truth. We’re more likely to see a scenario where humans use these AI platforms as tools for menial jobs and get more free time to focus on creative tasks.

Aside from just increasing efficiency, this will also have the repercussions of making a lot of administrative and bureaucratic jobs more fun. Now, every employee will be an editor, an overseer, and an executive. Their job will be more responsible, and a robot will do anything that a robot can do.

In terms of creating jobs, while AI has advanced quite far in this direction, it’s still unlikely to replace humans anytime soon. To quote what the majority of experts agree on – AI will not replace writers, but writers who use AI will replace those who don’t. This sentiment perfectly aligns with what we’ve mentioned previously.

A Big Shift in the Game Development Industry

In the gaming industry, AI will probably be a great equalizer. It will allow smaller teams, even individual developers, to create projects far beyond their previous capabilities. This is an encouraging thought because people with unique new ideas will be free to make the game without considering the budget and team size limitations. The thing is that indie game developers already outperform major studios. The biggest game currently (with the most players) is Minecraft, originally developed as an indie game.

One of the biggest changes in the gaming industry is the use of chatbots for NPC characters. Imagine playing a video game, and instead of having multiple questions offered, you could just type in (or even utter via a microphone) your questions/answers. With the help of AI chatbots, this is no longer impossible to imagine. All that one would have to do is give instructions to the AI (lore, knowledge, intelligence level, personality), and you have an amazing RP experience. This is a perfect crossover between triple-A games and DnD that players across the globe have always been looking for.

Crypto and AI

Another field that AI will heavily impact is the crypto industry. You can see this in the example of AI crypto coins. These AI-powered tokens use AI’s power to increase their coins’ functionality and utility. Since crypto coins are digital assets, their stability and reliability heavily depend on their algorithm. With the help of AI, this coin can become technically superior to what it was before.

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Also, it’s important to mention that most of these coins heavily depend on the available computing power. This is no longer the problem since crypto is a word on everyone’s lips, and there are more miners than ever. This is also why upcoming AI coins have so much to offer compared to their predecessors and previous versions.

As far as the practical applications of the AI:

● Trading is automated with higher efficiency

● Scalability is far superior

● Security is higher than ever before

● User experience is through the roof

When it comes to the AI field as a whole, AI-powered price prediction is much more accurate. Eventually, this may lead to lower volatility in the field, which is something that the majority of investors greatly struggle with.

More Efficient Scientific Breakthroughs

Regarding research, AI technology is capable of complex calculations with simple instructions. This saves a lot of time for researchers because they no longer need to switch between too many platforms or type in complex formal algorithms. AI can still not offer original ideas, but it can draw surprisingly revolutionary conclusions with the available data. It is a human-made technology, and algorithms made by the human hand are still a significant limitation. Still, with the help of machine learning, this may not be a huge limitation. In terms of fields, drug discovery, disease diagnosis, environmental monitoring, and more accurate analysis are just some of AI’s many perks.

However, AI is just as reliable as the data you feed it. There’s been a major controversy a few years back when medical researchers tried to feed it information that would allow it to recognize skin cancer. However, they made a mistake because all the photos of malignant moles had a ruler next to them, which made the AI draw the “only logical” conclusion that a ruler is an indicator of malignancy. This, and similar mistakes, are to be expected in the future. Still, at one point, we do not doubt that this technology will be game-changing.

Environmental Management and Efficient Energy Use

Regarding environmental factors, we’re slowly closing down on the point of no return. With the help of AI technology, we may yet be able to turn the ship around. The first major advantage of AI is in environmental monitoring. The state of the environment is a complex system with too many moving parts. Things like:

● Water quality

● Wildlife population

● Deforestation

● Air quality

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This must be analyzed together (and separately) to get a clear picture of the situation. Climate modeling (which relies on climate patterns and changes) is an incredibly complex factor. This is why you need an incredibly complex technology to predict these movements accurately.

Aside from this, you can also use AI technology for resource management, optimization of agricultural practices, and even recycling and waste management. Devices, households, and businesses across the globe already use smart energy management.

With the help of AI, it will become far more accurate and reliable. With the help of this cutting-edge tech trend, you’ll also get access to energy forecasting and more accurate predictive maintenance. Combined, these forces can potentially revolutionize our approach to environmentalism and energy use completely.

Better Personalization of Services and Higher Customer Experience

Small businesses often struggle with providing the best possible customer experience. They lack the analytical power and staff to give each user a more personalized approach. With the help of AI, this is no longer as big of a challenge. First, virtual assistants and chatbots have been a game-changer for a while now. Even a few years ago, they were able to solve the majority of customer complaints. Today, they can even pass a Turing test, eliminating the main downside of bots in customer support.

AI-powered voice assistants no longer have to sound like robots. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal, in terms of customer experience, it is all the change in the world. Finally, with the help of predictive analysis and even sentiment analysis, you can alter your approach and improve your customer outreach. This leads to drastically better outcomes and higher satisfaction for everyone.

With the Right Use, AI Tools Could Revolutionize Many Fields and Industries

In the end, the importance of AI should not be downplayed or underestimated; however, you shouldn’t fearmonger either.

● Did the invention of e-mail cause postal services to go extinct?

● Did the autoplay feature on YouTube drive DJs out of work?

● Did m-banking apps completely replace banks?

So, assuming the worst (that AI will replace you) might not be the most logical outcome. It will definitely change quite a bit, but the change in question will not be as nearly as negative as you assume.