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5 Word Games to Play on Your Phone

5 Word Games to Play on Your Phone

Let’s take a trip to your childhood and recall all those days when you played word games with your siblings and friends. That was fun, no? It was a great way to spend entertaining moments together and enhance vocabulary. A perfect square! But the end of childhood doesn’t mean the end of word games. Word Games are still here with more fun elements; it is just that they have become digitized.

You don’t need to buy any board or anything. Everything is available on your phone. There are various game sites online that you might get confused about choosing the most fun site. Don’t worry because this blog is going to make things easier for you. Let’s explore five-word games that you can play online.

Here is the list of your wonderland:


Who doesn’t know about scrabble? It is one of the most iconic word games that has been ruling the hearts for many years. Now you can play this game online too. Scrabble comprises 15×15 square grids, and the goal is to place tiles to make a word. However, there is a twist. You can only do a crossword in rows from left to right or downwards in column form. However, the word should be a part of a dictionary or lexicon.

It is a brain game and a check of your strength of vocabulary. However, if you find yourself stuck somewhere, you can use the tool called unscrambled words. These tools smartly use official Tournament Dictionaries to give you a list of words you can use to win the game. So, you can challenge your friends online because you know Unscrambled Words is here to help you.


Wordle is a game that Welsh developer Josh Wardle developed in 2021, and within a few days, it became so popular among people because it is a simple word game, but it also tingles your brain. Later, the New York Times acquired it in 2022, and now every day, the New York Times releases a new puzzle to guess five alphabet words. Many people eagerly wait for the release of this puzzle.

It is an amazing game that increases your cognitive and problem-solving skills. It is a tough game for people and needs a great vocabulary to win. The goal is to find a word with five alphabets. It gives six chances to guess the word. If you guess the wrong word, but still the one alphabet that comes in the word is present in the right place, that particular alphabet will turn green. However, if the alphabet is present but is wrongly positioned, it will turn yellow. So, it is overall a fun game. If you want to try it, be ready to get some mind-boggling bumps.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is another great word game that is a multiplayer game. It is similar to scrabble because players take turns building crossword puzzle-style words here. There are multiple ways to call people for a round of the game, such as you can use the push notification feature to alert players, using Smart Match to play with random players, or inviting friends through social media.

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You might think there is a connection between Scrabble and Words with Friends, but there is not. Different companies create both these games. And no matter if you play Scrabble or Words with Friends, you will enjoy these amazing Word Games. In fact, you can use unscrambled words for this game as well. A double jackpot!

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You might not have heard about Boggle because it is a hidden gem of the Gaming World. The same company developed Words with Friends. Once you learn and start playing it, you become addicted to this fun game. You can play it in live tournaments, solo, or with friends. Its amazing features always keep it more indulging and exciting. For example, you can use different fun themes and challenges.

It has simple rules. You are given a grid of boards with jumbled-up alphabets. You have to try to make as many words as possible. If you are playing in a group, each player is given a turn to find a word; those who fail to find the word fail the game. Simple! However, it is a heavy dose of thinking for your brain. And that’s the fun!

Word Search

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Word Search is probably one of the oldest word games people of all ages love. It is impossible that you would have never tried it. But with various online sites, simple word search games have taken a modern twist, and they are no more just simple games. Multiple features make this game more fun and interesting. There are various categories, such as sports, entertainment, music, history, cities, etc. So, you can choose the category of your choice and search words as much as you can.


Every day a new game is launched that captures people’s hearts. Usually, people love to play fun games. But what if we combine fun, learning, brain training, and problem-solving skills? Isn’t it better? That’s where word games can help us! There are a huge number of word games that you can play and kill your time while learning something good. Play the games mentioned above, and you will not regret your decision. You will love playing them for hours.