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5 Ways to Make Money While Playing Video Games

5 Ways to Make Money While Playing Video Games

Videogames are an outstanding means of entertainment that over time have gained unrivaled popularity and an enormous number of fans around the world, so much so that some studies indicate that a third of the world’s population has played a videogame at some time in their lives.

Earn Money While Playing Video Games

Like any medium that has considerable importance and a great deal of popularity, videogames have become a very viable source of monetary income. Nowadays people invest a lot of time and money in videogames, whether for entertainment, vice, or competition, so you must understand the underlying desires of the players and how to satisfy them to make money through this medium.

That said, below are some of the most popular methods of making money through video games. It should be noted that most of these methods are extremely difficult to perform since they require a lot of time and depend on certain knowledge to be able to perform, but still worth mentioning, since in many cases have worked enormously and have allowed the obtaining of much fame and money to those who have managed to perform them successfully.

Becoming a professional gamer and participating in important competitions  

The eSports have become a gold mine for those players with much greater skills than the rest, but for that reason, this method is the least viable of all for conventional players, as they require specific living conditions, physical skills necessary for Gamers (good reflexes and concentration) and a lot of luck to get contracts with professional teams. Nevertheless, it is this method that is likely to provide the greatest monetary gains of all.

The main thing that is needed to become a professional gamer is to be positioned at the top of the world top of a certain videogame with a high degree of competitiveness. This will allow getting many offers from sponsors, which will sponsor the selected players with large sums of money to devote as much time as possible to the videogame and to keep them in the best playing conditions.

That said, being a professional gamer is treated almost the same as a professional athlete, so it is important to stay in good physical and mental health. In addition to making money playing through sponsors, if you get the achievement of winning a competition, the prizes are usually quite attractive and ostentatious.

The videogames that normally attract the most sponsors are League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. But, it must also be taken into account that being very popular games in professional competitions, it is obvious that they also require a greater effort to be able to stand out among the enormous amount of existing and constantly growing competition.

Become an influence and promote videogames that are coming to market

This method is undoubtedly complicated, since it is necessary to become an influence to be able to do it (something that requires a lot of work and time), but if you get this level of popularity, you can get huge profits generating attractive content on videogames.

Most people who make money this way are young youtubers who have a fairly large fan community, such as “PewDiePie”. Videogame development companies usually contact them, give them newly released videogames and pay them to try them out and then talk about them on their main social networking channel.

Another method widely used by those who do not have as much fame, but if a considerable influence, is to distribute in their social networks, links of instant-gaming affiliates or other platforms of video game sales, with the aim of receiving small commissions each sale made through the link published.

Monetize gameplays in Twitch

Twitch is a social network for gamers created in 2011, which has gained quite a popularity today. Twitch is basically a hosting of streaming video channels, where users broadcast their tutorials or live video games with their viewers.

To earn money directly with Twitch you need to be a partner, but to get this privilege must meet certain requirements and a minimum of fixed followers. When someone becomes a partner, they receive 25% of the profits obtained from sales and clicks obtained in the advertising transmitted directly on their channel.

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Another way to get money through Twitch is by adding a donation button to the channel, that way you will receive money for fan support.

Winning virtual gold in the game and exchanging it for real money

This option is quite profitable if it is done in popular online videogames, such as: World of Warcraft Classic, where the gold of this game is extremely necessary for players to improve and level up quickly, without the need to perform constant repetitive and tedious activities (such diligences are known as “farming” and almost always consist of fulfilling missions, killing monsters, among many other repetitive activities).

For this reason, it is normal to find a large number of people who opt to buy WoW Classic Gold in exchange for real money, using various websites specializing in selling the gold of this game, such as .

Trying to bet on online gambling

A rather risky way to make money with videogames is by betting real money on online gambling, be it casinos, poker events, gaming platforms, etc.

It should be made clear that this method cannot be considered totally as a way of making money, as it is a way of risking winning more or losing the accumulated in a videogame. This method is not recommended much, but it is still worth mentioning, as it is basically possible to earn money through these online casinos. 

That said, a quite valid way to take advantage of this type of online games by participating in sports betting websites, which give away virtual money, and thus prevent the loss of our, although to get better prizes is always necessary to bet real money.