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5 Ways to Download Twitch Videos Online

5 Ways to Download Twitch Videos Online

5 Ways to Download Twitch Videos Online

Twitch is a widely used platform for watching and streaming live video game broadcasts. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or just an idle spectator, Twitch has something for every taste. But Twitch has its limits when it comes to video saving and accessing. One of the more frustrating aspects of watching videos on Twitch is that they are only available for a short time, which makes it hard to rewatch older broadcasts or share them with friends and family.

Fortunately, several reliable ways exist to download and save Twitch videos for offline viewing. We will look at five different methods for downloading videos from Twitch: online tools, browser add-ons and extensions, PowerShell (command prompt), screen recording software and more. So, let’s dive right in and look at these methods individually.

Download Twitch Videos Online

One of the simplest methods for downloading Twitch videos is to use online services explicitly dedicated to it. These tools will give you several options for where and how to get it after entering the URL of the Twitch video you want to download.

One reliable online tool for getting Twitch videos on your hard drive is ( This site provides a user-friendly interface where one simply pastes the name of the Twitch streamer they’re searching for. Then, you’ll immediately be taken to the latest 3 streams from that Twitch streamer. is another online tool to consider. This tool helps you download Twitch videos and saves videos from other popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. With multiple output formats and resolutions, allows you to adapt your choice according to your needs.

Use Twitch Video Downloader Extensions

If you’re used to downloading Twitch videos, browser extensions are a convenient and quick option. These add-ins are plugged into your browser and provide a download button or option anywhere you watch Twitch videos.

Many Twitch-goers use Video DownloadHelper, an extension for browsers. Also compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, this extension allows downloading videos from Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. After installing it, Video DownloadHelper places a download button in Twitch’s video player control bar. All you must do is click once, and your operation will be underway!


Using Command Prompt to Download Twitch Videos

If you’re an IT-savvy user who prefers to use the command prompt, downloading Twitch videos from this screen can be a decent choice. Several open-source tools can retrieve videos from Twitch, including YouTube-DL, which is quite popular.

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Use Screen Recording Software to Capture Twitch Videos.

Screen recording software is an excellent solution if you want more control over video quality and the ability to capture a few scenes from Twitch videos. With screen recorders, you can capture the video and audio of your display, including any Twitch content you’re watching (like live videos), and save it to a file on your computer.

A trusty screen recording software is FonePaw Screen Recorder. It can capture system audio, adjust recording settings, and trim recorded videos. FonePaw Screen Recorder lets you record high-quality Twitch videos and save them for watching offline.

How to Save Twitch Videos Without Player Overlay

If you want to rely on something other than any extra programs or software, there is a way around this: just remove the player overlay. One way to do it is by using the browser developer tools to edit out some elements of the Twitch video player. Once done, you can click and save videos directly onto your computer.