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5 Games Like Candy Land | What To Play Next

5 Games Like Candy Land | What To Play Next

5 Games Like Candy Land | What To Play Next

Once you’ve played Candy Land this year, what else will you play with your kids this year? It’s hard to say, but here are five games that are like Candy Land and will be fun to play with your kids in 2017.

Candy Rail

Candy Land is basically a train game, with players trying to get their rail cars to the end of the track. If you’re a fan of Candy Land, you’ll like this train game.

Candy Sticks

Candy Sticks is a little more difficult than Candy Land. In this game, players get a party of candies to the end of a track, but they have no control over how they move. Candy Sticks is a good game to play when you have a party of kids

The classic board game Candy Land is one of the most popular family games in the world. The game features brightly-colored plastic pieces that move down a virtual track, collecting candy pieces along the way. Players need to avoid the bad monsters by steering their pieces around the track, and landing on one of the many candy regions. The first player to land all of their pieces in the Candy Kingdom, wins the game!

Read on if you’re looking for games similar to Candy Land and curious about what similar games you’d like to play next. Candy Land is a family game in which you choose a beautiful character and then dance your way through a rainbow path in the Mint Forest, the Lagoon of Lord Liquorice and the Ice Palace of Princess Frostine.

To put this list together, we’ve broken down Candy Land into what it is. Candy Land is an incredibly simple game where you run along a path, reach the end, and collect the colors that help you progress. The gameplay is inferior to the animated theme. If you are looking for something similar, you are in the right place. We have taken all these elements into account and have compiled a list of 5 board games that are similar to Candy Land.

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#6 Yahtzee

The fun and classic dice game is played with five dice and a score sheet. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by rolling certain combinations of dice.

Each player takes turns rolling the dice up to three times per turn, trying to roll specific combinations such as a “three-of-a-kind,” “four-of-a-kind,” “full house,” “small straight,” or five-of-a-kind, “Yahtzee”. Yahtzee is available for single and multiplayer modes online at Solitaired.

#05 #Searching for Eldorado

Finding El Dorado belongs to the list of games like Candy Land because it is a colorful point-to-point race through an exciting place to reach the end. It’s a sturdier game that may not be suitable for younger children, but if you want to upgrade, it’s a good choice.

Players take on the role of the leader of an expedition that goes deep into the dense jungles of South America in search of the legendary Golden Land. Each player builds and equips his team and hires various helpers, from explorers to scientists and natives. They all have the same goal: Be the first to reach the golden stage and earn all the riches. With 2 to 4 players the game takes 30 to 60 minutes.


#04 – Around the world in 80 days

Around the World in 80 Days is on the list of board games like Candy Land, because it’s a great road trip that keeps everyone going until the end. You may encounter obstacles, but everything depends on how you overcome them and how fast you progress.

Following in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout, players attempt to travel around the world in 80 days on a Victorian jewel map. Players take turns choosing one of the travel cards face up. Each card offers a different possibility (e.g. becoming the first player in the next round). Then he decides to drive to the next town. Does he wait for the next round and hope for better cards, or does he start his journey now? For 2-6 players the game takes 50-70 minutes.


#03 | Owl!

Hoot Owl Hoot! is on the list of Candy Land-like board games, as it lets you move owls along a path of the same color to a nest. Unlike Candy Land, it’s a generic game, but there’s still rivalry in how characters can jump each other.

The players want to get all the owls back to their nests before the sun rises and new days begin. Players hold their cards face up in front of them so they can plan a move together. If a player has a sun card, he must discard it and place the sun tile in its place; if he has all the color cards, he discards the color card and moves the owl to the next available space of that color. For 2-4 players the game takes about 15 minutes.


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#02 | Monza

Monza fits in with board games like Candy Land because it’s a racing game where the goal is to match colors and move in exactly the same way. This simple and light game is suitable for young children and the whole family.

Players take turns rolling six dice and moving their cars according to the colors on the dice. The dice are the same, each with six different colors, one on each side. The game board represents a three-lane race track. Monza stimulates both tactical thinking and colour recognition. For 2-6 players, the game lasts 10 minutes.


#01 Tokaido

Tokaido is high on the list of board games like Candy Land because it’s a great journey through a wonderful collection. They also move on to something simple that has nothing to do with dice. Both names refer to the journey, not the destination. It’s a little more adult, but it’s great for young kids. Very simple and beautiful at the same time.

Each player takes the role of a traveler who crosses the Baltic Sea Route, one of Japan’s major roads. During your travels you will meet people, eat delicious food, make beautiful collections, discover magnificent panoramas, visit temples and wild places, but at the end of the day, when everyone has arrived, you will be the most dedicated traveler, that is, you will discover the most interesting and varied things. With 2 to 5 players the game takes about 45 minutes.


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Candy Land is a board game with two phases – a land phase and an action phase. In the land phase, you play color-matching cards from the gameboard. In the action phase, you move and take action. Then, the game is over.. Read more about board games for ages 4 and up and let us know what you think.