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4 Best Video Games to Help you Socialize while Isolating yourself

4 Best Video Games to Help you Socialize while Isolating yourself

4 Best Video Games to Help you Socialize while Isolating yourself

With the pandemic, people have started to social distance and means that isolation is the key to conquering the global issue. With the coronavirus on the loose, people are spending weeks at home, with this comes an increase in gaming. People are blasting aliens in front of the comfort of their home, all through the means of online platforms that have opened up to make our lives convenient. But with this stuck at home and playing video games is a cause of fear for many as it seems to be threatening people’s social lives.

That is the beauty of online gaming platforms. You can bid your fear goodbye as there are chat rooms, location meetups provided by games are its key features. You can either play these online games with your friends, or make new friends with live chat rooms, and devise a plan to blow stuff up.

The top games that would help you socialize while maintaining physical, social distancing.

  1. Minecraft – This game is available to players on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and your smartphone. This is one of the most popular video games globally and can be played in a group of eight players online. Hence, you meet seven people to play this game and explore vast blocky worlds and construct magnificent value building. You can collaborate with your friends on building projects or even play competitive mind games and sure to keep you occupied for months together.
  2. Pokemon Go – Can be found on iOS or Android. This game is exclusive to smartphones. Yes, Pokemon Go expects you to walk around, which is not the time for such games. What if I told you that the gamers designers are making changes to this very set up. The beasties that you catch by walking around would be available in closer proximity to you, and you won’t have to get out of your house. The recent improvement is called “go, battle league,” and you battle your Pokemon against players worldwide while staying home.
  3. Fortnite: Battle Royale – Available on the PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the smartphone. A favorite among the teens is a game that throws 100 players on an island and applies the fittest theory survival. This means that the 100 players fight it out and see who will survive till the end. You can choose to play alone or opt for the squad mode, where you play in four.
  4. Words with Friends Classic – A game available on both the iOS and Android is one of the oldest mobile games. You can have Scrabble-like matches, and the features of the game include an in-game chat room. If your friends are busy, the game would also match you up with strangers from across the world.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the pandemic get you down, there are ways to socialize on the online platform. Mainly when this can be provided while playing video games from your home’s comfort while still upholding your social circle. Who knew life could get this easy