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20 Best Consumables in Dark Souls 3 (Ranked) –

20 Best Consumables in Dark Souls 3 (Ranked) –

20 Best Consumables in Dark Souls 3 (Ranked) –

20 Best Consumables in Dark Souls 3 (Ranked) – Dark Souls 3 is an action role-playing game released in 2016 by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game launched after a long development period that started in 2011. The game is known for its combat mechanics, strategic thinking, and difficulty. As of late, the game is notorious for its loot grind. The game has a series of consumable items called “Estus Flasks.” These are used to refill the player’s health.

In the world of Dark Souls, consumables are a crucial part of any playthrough. They are the tools you need to survive the unforgiving world of Lordran and you would be forced to get familiar with them in the early hours of the game.

Dark Souls 3 is the latest instalment of an old-school action RPG series. It’s a brutally difficult game, and is set in the same world as Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls 2. All of these games have a peculiar blend of exploration, light combat, and tough boss fights, that are only brought together by an art style, and very few gameplay changes from one installment to another.

Consumables play a big part in every Soulsborne game, and DS3 is no exception!

Whether it’s tools to give you an edge, resins to apply to your weapons, or tonics to improve your skills, there’s a wide variety of consumables available.

Here are the top 10 halberds in Dark Souls 3 (and how to get them).

Check out the top 20 and where you can get yours today!

20. Human pine resin

The first of the gun enthusiasts, human pine resin, is the worst of the bunch in my opinion.

It adds 95 AR to your weapon, which is more than some resins, but the supply is very limited and more expensive to buy than any other.

If you can get a good deal, you probably already have a better fan, so our lower slot is needed.

How to get there: Sold to Patch after being recruited by the Firelink tower.

19. Prism stone

Anyone who has played DS1 and discovered the crystal cave of the Invisible Labyrinth knows what prismatic stones are.

Unfortunately, the DS3 doesn’t have this feature, except for the hidden Yorkshkin bridge, but that’s just a straight line……

They’re not very useful, and most players don’t use them.

How to get there: Sold by the servant of the temple of Firelink.

18. Pine resin light

The second of the buffalo, the pale pine resin, suffers from the same disadvantages as the human resin.

It does 90 magic damage to your weapon and lasts 60 seconds, but there are only two in the world and out of the world, you have to buy them.

And if magic weapons with basic spell values can be used for most classes and obtained at the beginning of almost every game, why waste souls?

How to get there: Purchased by an altar girl after the principal’s ashes were given to her.

17. Hidden Blessing

It may seem surprising that a blessing is so far down the list, but the hidden blessings seem so insignificant.

They completely restore the FP, but there are only 3 in the entire game, and you can’t buy them!

FP is not as important as HP 99% of the time because you usually have enough estus ash when you need it.

How to get there: One is sold by the shrine maiden after she gives him the ashes of the dreamer, the other by Patch after he goes to Castle Lothric in search of Greirath. They lie in unmarked graves.

16. Red card

Red may seem redundant to many players, but it actually plays a pretty important role in the formation of luck.

If successful, it adds a bleeding effect to your tickle weapon and can quickly pierce many enemies if used on a smooth weapon!

Combined with a spiked weapon, dagger or katana, the amount of blood you can spill on a platter is truly terrifying and makes most other players hesitate to strike!

But aside from luck or the occasional weak opponent, it’s rarely used.

How to get there: Sold by the shrine master after receiving the ashes of the owner of the grave.

15. Anthracite brown pine

Resin is required for most holes at the beginning of the game.

It does the least damage, 85, but many enemies are weak to fire, and it completely neutralizes those damn dogs, making them easy prey!

They are also the cheapest resins, at only 500 souls each!

How to get there: Sold by the altar boy after he gave the ashes to the undertaker.

14. Golden pine resin

Golden Pine resin is on my #1 list of resin lovers for one reason:

This will make the fight even easier for Wardt.

With two of them on Lotric’s high wall (and three from the maid after you give her the ashes of the dreamer), you can easily overcome the most difficult encounters in the first game.

However, you can only get a decent amount when you get to the Iritilus dungeon, where the lightning man is also located, making this item somewhat useless.

How to get there: Sold to Infinity by the Virgin of the Shrine after giving her the ashes of Xanthus.

13. Siegbrau

The Siegbrau is a good beer brought by Siegward and seems to belong to him.

It recovers some HP and temporarily increases frost resistance.

Vriesweerstand is pretty useless for most of the game, and Siegbrau will usually be an emergency heal in the middle of a boss fight if you get out of Estus.

And for that, you’ll be glad to see it. He saved my life several times in my early productions.

Instructions: 3 given by Siegward at his meetings. You can find two of them in town, on the outskirts, by talking to Lapp.

12. Circle of blood foam

Red moss is the least used moss outside of PvP – and even then, the number of users with bleeds is pretty low.

However, it tops this list because it can put an end to those pesky maggots that make you bleed unmercifully.

However, this effect can be achieved just as well – and for free – with a flashlight, making this foam the least useful of all.

But in the right situation, it can be a lifeline!

How to get there: Sold by Greirath after he took it to Firelink.

11. Divine blessing

Again, the benefit is pretty small, but I’m not a fan of these consumables.

Blessings of God fully restore your HP and remove all afflictions, but like hidden blessings, there are only a few in the base game.

As in Zigbrau, this will primarily be an emergency recovery in the middle of a boss fight, and nothing else.

But for this cute, life-saving item, you’ll be glad you got it.

How to get there: The one who sells Greirat after taking out the garbage. Two others were found in the painting room of Iritil (one in a chest, the other left by a silver knight), and another was found in a large archive. Interesting that one can escape the giants of the court in a remote town!

10. Giant tree seeds

Who doesn’t like to have fun with people?

The giant seeds are back from DS2, and they can be used after the invasion!

If you use it, the enemies of your world will attack the invaders – as if they were you!

This can lead to some of the most exciting events in the game – seeing how your assassin tries to save his life, but is killed by hordes of enemies.

They’re hard to get, and it’s a little confusing to get them, so let me explain:

How to get there: It grows on a huge tree in Firelink. The risk of invasion is 10% and increases by 10% for each missed spawn, up to a maximum of 50%. Once selected, the speed is reset by 10%.

9. Young white branch

Continuing the trend of getting close to people, white branches are essentially a sacrificial version of chameleon magic – turning you into an unobtrusive work of art.

This confuses intruders and often causes them to leave your world because they can’t find you!

It’s also a good idea to ambush people who insult you! This leads to a quick and easy death if they panic.

But be careful, because sometimes the object you’re looking for… isn’t as invisible as you’d like.

How to get there: Sold to the maid after giving her xanthum ash.

8. purple foam piece

Where would we be without these beauties?

The only thing that makes Farron reproducible is that the purple foam cures the poison and removes the buildup.

But of course it’s not just Farron in the game, there are many poisonous enemies and many swamps to traverse.

Poison is one of those things that is just plain annoying, so always take it with you!

How to get there: Sold by the Lord of the Sanctuary (initially 6, after the ashes of the paladin are given an unlimited number).

7. Purple pollen moss

Big brother to Purple Moss and Apex Moss in DS3.

The flowering moss not only cures the poison, but also takes away the much more unpleasant effect of the poison – it kills you even faster!

They are much rarer and more expensive, so it is advisable to keep them only for their venom.

But once you see Mr. Meet with bags of money, you can ditch the usual purple foam for these bad boys. They won’t let you down.

How to get there: Sold endlessly by the maid after she gave him ashes covered in excrement.

6. Rusty section

Rusty parts are consumables and you will need them in large quantities!

Breaking them increases the chance of finding items by 50 for 65 seconds, increasing the chance of finding these rare items on the farms.

They are incredibly important if you plan on diving into DS3, collecting rare items and building for PvP, NG+ and beyond!

How to get there: Sells infinite patches, once per Firelink.

5. Dueling Charmer

The fuel spell is an extremely annoying PvP that is necessary for those who really want to win.

Or those who are tired of shooting two bullets from a dark magazine.

When you throw it on the ground, it creates a small cloud that nullifies any impact, even for gun enthusiasts!

If you see someone using them, be careful!

How to get there: Sold by an altar girl after receiving the ashes of a paladin.

4. Green flower

Few things are as useful as a green flower!

When you consume one, your regeneration of stamina increases by +5 per second and lasts for 60 seconds.

There isn’t a single build in the entire game that doesn’t require more stamina. Use it every time you meet, every time you break up, period.

Whether you’re running, rolling or sprinting, green flowers make your life easier!

How to get there: Sold by a shelter girl after receiving the ashes of a dreamer.

3. Heart bones

Imagine playing Soulsborne without teleporting to the last campfire.

That would be boring.

Homemade dice (and their infinite equivalents) are probably the most common. They simplify the game, speed up progression and generally have a high quality of life.

We like you guys!

How to get there: Sold by the holy virgin at the beginning of the game. The infinite counterpart (a coiled sword fragment) lies in unworked graves!

2. Rusty gold coin

We are now entering the realm of ideals.

Rusty gold pieces are the best consumables to farm – they increase the number of items found by 100 every 60 seconds.

They are absolutely fantastic, so much so that I ignore my innate dislike of limited things.

Yes, limited. Unfortunately there are only 7 in the game, 14 if you take them as a grave.

Opponents who throw them are so rare that you should probably use coins on them, otherwise you run the risk of knocking them down.

Let them go if you have them, but make sure that if they go, they go!

How to get there: They are scattered throughout the world, and it is rare that they are left by maids outside the arena of Yorma, the capital of corruption.

1. Green flower buds

Green flowers are beautiful, aren’t they?

Properly blown out flowers are almost twice as effective and give a huge effect of +9 per second, which equates to a +2 chlorine ring in the product!

If only they were unlimited. Unfortunately, there are only 3 in the base set and the other 8 are spread over two DLCs.

You can grow them, but it’s so unlikely you’ll get a decent amount that you’ll spend hours doing it!

How to get there: 2 in Irithill, and it’s very rare for centipedes to fall into the water of Irithill and the stinking swamp of the capital.

Weapon skills are a great system unique to the third installment of the Dark Souls series, making each weapon in the game much more varied and complex.

While there are common abilities for each weapon, such as the ability to charge a spear, there are an incredible number of unique abilities designed specifically for each weapon!

These are the flashiest and most sensational moves you can make, but which ones are the coolest?


A swirl of moonlight

We should start with the classics.

The word moonlight is a staple of all Soulsborne games and is loved by fans around the world.

It was handled much better in Bloodborne, and the same design was used in DS3!

It has some absolutely fantastic walkers, but the star of the show, Moon Swirl, certainly is and does incredible damage to the developing intellect.



Specifically, the ability to hold a worn blade instead of another dull katana.

In general, focus is a stance that all katanas have and can be used for both hard mowing and parrying.

But on the worn blade, they continued, causing a series of incredibly fast bloodstains, or a plume of black flames of immeasurable range!

This ability explains why the worn blade is one of Dex’s most popular weapons. It’s incredibly cool, and worth it if you can beat the hardest boss in the game to get his…


Morning Rage

A skill built into Morn’s Great Hammer, Morning Wrath is a 2-in-1 skill that combines the effects of Endurance and Wrath of the Gods!

This skill creates a continuous and incredibly powerful shockwave that can easily knock down low level players!

Additionally, Shockwave’s adds damage to AR, which means the damage will always be higher when added to effects like Red Stone Ring and Morion’s Blade!


Position of the Court of Justice

The great forgotten ensemble has a trick up its sleeve!

The Judgment Stance is similar to the general Dexterity Stance that many swords have, except that you can fire a magical shockwave like a Moonbounce and your weapon does magical damage for a short time!

The buffalo looks like a dark month too, and you know how much I love my shiny weapons.

Judging big words is honestly very good for developing intelligence, and I don’t know why people ignore it so often.


Freeing the dragon

Dragon Liberation is a unique skill for both the spear and the short-sword, although the two weapons have completely different effects.

The sword creates a moving shockwave of damage and power, and the spear releases a long cone that sends enemies flying!

Whatever you choose, they are surprisingly effective, although the weapon’s small size makes them more relevant to low-level invasions.

Used correctly, the push aspect of the skills can lead to very easy and fun environmental skills!



It may sound boring, but parrying is simply the best skill in the entire game.

While there is nothing flashy or exciting like many other episodes, the ability to parry is what sets the average player apart from the greats of Dark Souls.

This is a high risk, high reward ability that does the most damage with the right timing.

That’s why a weapon like the Caestus actually has the most robust parry ability, with earlier and longer frames to repel the attack.

If you haven’t done it yet, you should. The training can take some time, but you will see that it pays off quickly!


See Also

Resistance to melting

Mastering the big boss King’s Hammer weapon, Molten Endurance, is an interesting choice for generating pyrotechnics.

This technique involves throwing a hammer into the ground to make it more stable, and then hitting it several times to create lava balls in the area.

The lava hits pretty hard and can pierce shields, allowing you to control the crowd.

It can also be used discreetly in a corner to add extra bulk to the room! Ideal for planning an invasion.


The flaming whip

Arson: The Flame Whip, a unique skill of the Witch’s Castle, is one of the best pyrotechnic weapons in the entire game.

He is very hard to read, very hard to combo, and has incredible range that can intercept opponents with ease!

Also, whips cannot be linked, which makes this weapon generally very safe in PvP.

Combined with this ability, you can begin to understand why wizard castles are so powerful.



Many players may be surprised that one of them is on this list, but trust me, play PvP until you meet someone who uses Quickstep very well, and you’ll soon find out.

Quickstep is an extremely incendiary dodge replacement that allows your character to travel a great distance while remaining completely invulnerable.

It’s very frustrating to play against him, but it’s also a lot of fun. You can perform simple knockbacks or devastating combos after your opponent has exhausted his stamina and defeated you uselessly!


Half Moon

Crescent Moon Judgement is a flashy skill that allows you to fire a magical projectile that sits on a crescent moon.

This is the fastest skill projectile in the game, both in terms of speed and actual launch speed, and it does incredible damage when launched!

However, plantings can be complex and require either a combination of land uses or uniform land ownership.


Sacred light and flame

Why have one spirit weapon skill when you can have two?

Holy Light and Holy Flame is the Twin Prince’s mastery of the Great Word, combining the abilities of Holy Light and Holy Flame Lorian.

Specifically, heavy attacks cause a wave of intense flames to cover the ground, while light attacks cause a quick, distant burst of light!

It’s one of my favorite options, but unfortunately you need a pretty big build to evolve a weapon, so you don’t see it often – and it runs into some meta spikes.



Two weapons have the falling lightning ability, the veraxa dragon sniper and the sword, both of which are awesome.

If you’ve read our list of the best spears, you know that this skill makes the sword one of the best weapons in the game.

It covers the blade with an orange flash that briefly polishes the weapon and blinds enemies with a long-range flash.

Verax is much bolder and causes a wave of explosions that can hit most enemies in one hit!

Whatever product you use, you will enjoy it. They are both incredibly strong and explosive!


A whirlwind of flames

For the most energetic arsonists, it’s a whirlwind of fire.

Use the demon’s fist skill, Flame Swirl, and whirl enemies for successive attacks before dropping his fist to unleash a highly damaging geyser of flames that sends enemies into the air!

Multihits is perfect for activating effects like Cartus Beacon and Pontifex Right Eye to create an interesting pyrotechnic combo!

Give it a shot. Unleash the road warrior in you!


Crystal Blade

One of the most attractive abilities, Crystal Blade, is unique to Aquamarine Dagger, an excellent melee ability for wizard builds.

When you use it, you take a stance that increases the range of your dagger to a short sword and gives you a whole new swagger!

It’s a fantastic combination, and you can spend hours learning how to integrate this skill into your attacks for maximum effectiveness.

This is a very high skill level and once you master it, you will be richly rewarded.


The royal fool

The Mad King’s Crucifixion skill, aptly named Mad King’s Crucifixion, is an RNG-like dice roll that produces one of three results;

A roar that deals AoE damage and slaughters enemies.

The blessing you give to a lover of funny poetry is perseverance.

And boredom (something you don’t want to see), creating a dark sphere that follows you around for a while before exploding.

This blast can and will hit you to the point of pain, and it’s almost impossible to dodge as it embraces you. This is the time when it is best to kamikaze your opponents.

A very strange course, but very fun to play!


A call to the stone

Ring City’s other weapon skill, Call to Stone, is the unique skill of Ledo’s Great Hammer, one of my favorite power weapons.

When you use it, the hammer swings in an easy to combine and very hard arc, and the hammerstones give RA a buff of 7.5%.

When fully charged, these stones can be discharged with a heavy attack and explode into the ground, dealing great and unique damage!

Another option is to convert the heavy attack right after the weapon skill into a massive air helmet, perfect for catching fleeing enemies in short order!

If you haven’t tried a strong character with Ledo Hammer yet, you should definitely do so. It’s an absolute monster in PvP and PvE, and I can’t recommend it enough.


Military Flag of Lorraine

Lothric Warrior Banner is a unique opportunity for, not surprisingly, Lothric Warrior Banner.

It must have taken them a long time to come up with that name.

But what he lacks in originality, he makes up for in power.

With this skill, you and your neighbor can get a 15% bonus on AR that lasts 2 minutes!

It is essential for supporting characters and generally excellent due to its low stat requirements and infusion capabilities.

Note, however, that the banner must be filled in for the fan to fit.



Ember is a technical skill that can be applied to a number of weapons, including the Firelink Kingsword and the three rings of knightly weapons.

It’s absolutely fantastic on all of them, although it works completely differently on each weapon;

For a knight with a straight sword, amber adds a shock effect to fire damage and increases the range of the sword, as well as providing a lot of momentum at a distance.

The round knight’s spear can do fire damage and there’s a whole host of new slice attacks, ranging from huge slashes to devastating uppercuts.

In the ring, the knight combines big words and adds 2 new attacks: a melee attack or a powerful high jump that increases the already insane combo potential of the weapon.

Finally, for the Firelink hook, Ember is a long-range flame wave that simultaneously stuns weapons and inflicts 80 extra fire damage for 45 seconds.

Ugh. You got it?


Elfrid’s position

One of the most unfortunate features of the cartoon style, only present on the larger Scythe Freed.

In doing so, he adopts a stance that can culminate in either a massive attack that covers the ground with shards of ice, or a terrifying series of light attacks with hyper-defense, each causing frostbite.

It may be over, but if your opponent has the courage to resist the attack and parry in time, he probably deserves it.


Elfrida’s Black Flame

Finally, we have my favorite weapon, the ability to use William’s onyx blade, one of the best hybrid weapons you can collect in the game.

When you use the sword, it spits black fire, deals 145 damage for 45 seconds and looks very cool.

This skill also has a true R1 one-shot combo and does absolutely insane damage – half of all healthy enemies in one attack!

Call me tough all you want, but this skill is truly addictive and makes this big word one of my favorite weapons in the entire Dark Souls series.


What is the most powerful weapon in Dark Souls 3?
The Great Hammer of the Ancient King is the most powerful weapon in Dark Souls 3, with 180 physical attacks and 69 fire attacks.

What is the best character in Dark Souls 3?
Knights are the most chosen class in Dark Souls 3, and for good reason. Knights start with the longsword, one of the best weapons in the game. They also have a 100% physical absorption shield. Because of their great strength and mobility, they also do raw damage.

What is the most powerful weapon in Dark Souls?
They’ve taken him: The 15 most powerful weapons in Dark Souls | Game Walk