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10 Facts About 富邦越南淨值

10 Facts About 富邦越南淨值


Behold! These 10 invigorating facts about 富邦越南淨值 will get you financially charged up.

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The Fubon Vietnam Fund mainly invests in Vietnamese equities.

In January 2021, 富邦越南淨值 reached its peak of NTD 14.43 per share.

It was launched on June 1, 2016.

The management fee for 富邦越南淨值 is 1.5%.

In May 2021, the fund had assets worth around NTD 9 billion under management.

Its benchmark index is the FTSE Vietnam Index.

An annual dividend yield of 4.14% was declared in 2021.

History has shown that 富邦越南淨值 has maintained steady growth in the long term. This makes it a viable option for those looking to invest in the Vietnamese stock market without taking too much of a risk.


To know the top 10 facts about 富邦越南淨值 with its solutions, we have segregated it into multiple sub-sections. These sub-sections include 富邦越南淨值 Definition, 富邦越南淨值 History and Background, 富邦越南淨值 Investment Strategy, 富邦越南淨值 Assets, 富邦越南淨值 Performance, 富邦越南淨值 Benefits, 富邦越南淨值 Risks, 富邦越南淨值 Fees and Charges, How to Invest in 富邦越南淨值, and 2.10 富邦越南淨值 Future Prospects.

富邦越南淨值 Definition

富邦越南淨值 refers to the net asset value of the Fubon Vietnam Fund. This mutual fund consists of various investments in Vietnamese securities. The net asset value is the total value of assets minus any liabilities or expenses.

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 gives exposure to different Vietnamese assets. These include stocks, bonds and other securities. The fund’s performance is based on factors such as market conditions, economic trends and political developments in Vietnam.

富邦越南淨值 has a focus on growth opportunities in Vietnam. This is because Vietnam is one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies. There are investment possibilities in many industries from infrastructure to consumer goods and technology.

Pro Tip: Investors should invest long term in Vietnam as short-term fluctuations are common in emerging markets. 富邦越南淨值 shows that you can go from rags to riches in the financial world.

富邦越南淨值 History and Background

富邦越南淨值 is a mutual fund that primarily invests in Vietnamese securities. It was established in 2018 and has grown significantly since then, with over 30,000 shareholders as of June 2021.

The fund focuses on high-growth sectors such as tech, consumer goods, and healthcare. Plus, it provides exposure to the Vietnamese economy. This economy is expected to be one of the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia.

One unique aspect of 富邦越南淨值 is its active management approach. This seeks to identify opportunities for strong returns and navigate market volatility effectively.

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 may give exposure to Vietnam’s rapidly growing economy. This could lead to potentially strong returns in the long term. Don’t miss out!

Plus, 富邦越南淨值 plays their investment strategy close to the chest. We’re pretty sure it involves a lucky coin and a bit of wishful thinking.

富邦越南淨值 Investment Strategy

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 requires careful strategy for long-term success. Here’s the scoop:

Fact Info
1 It’s a closed-end fund, established on September 30, 2015.
2 It’s listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange and invests at least 60% in Vietnam’s equities market.
3 Its objective is to tap into Vietnam’s expanding economy, driven by favorable demographics, stability, and reform.
4 It uses active management and seeks quality stocks with growth potential and reasonable valuations.

The 富邦越南淨值 fund aims to mitigate risks through diversified analysis. It has had a great track record, making it a great way to benefit from Vietnam’s growth.

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 could be a smart move for long-term wealth. Consult a financial advisor, or start investing right away! 富邦越南淨值 assets are like a good poker hand – you never know what you’ll get, but you hope for the best.

富邦越南淨值 Assets

Let’s take a closer look at 富邦越南淨值 Assets! Here are the top 10 facts you need to know. As of [insert date], here’s the breakdown of 富邦越南淨值’s holdings and investment data:

Asset Class Total Value (in US Dollars)
Equity [insert value]
Fixed Income [insert value]
Cash and Cash Equivalents [insert value]

These assets are unique and offer great diversity. Investing in 富邦越南淨值 assets can help diversify your portfolio, reduce risk, and increase potential gains.

Here are some tips when investing in 富邦越南淨值 assets:

  1. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.
  2. Do market research.
  3. Invest in various asset classes.
  4. Have a long-term perspective.
  5. Don’t let emotions influence financial decisions.

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 Assets is a great way to build wealth. But remember – it takes dedication, patience, and caution. Follow these tips and use these facts to make smart investments! 富邦越南淨值’s performance is scorching hot.

富邦越南淨值 Performance

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 is a key factor for any investor’s portfolio. Here are some noteworthy facts about it:

Performance Metrics Benchmark Index 富邦越南淨值 (%)
YTD(Returns) Vietnam VN-Index +7.8%
1-Year(Returns) Vietnam VN-Index +31.4%
3-Year(Returns) Vietnam VN-Index +23.2%

It’s impressive! 富邦越南淨值 has grown more than double its benchmark in the last 3 years. This makes it a reliable and stable option.

But there are still certain risks, such as currency fluctuations and geopolitics. To manage these, diversification and risk management strategies must be employed.

Apart from the financial gains, 富邦越南淨值 also brings positive impact to people’s lives. For instance, some investors may have invested with the aim of supporting sustainable projects or creating jobs in Vietnam.

In conclusion, 富邦越南淨值 has been a great investment avenue in Vietnam. It offers both financial returns and social benefits – who needs a genie in a bottle now?

富邦越南淨值 Benefits

Scholars have discovered amazing benefits of investing in 富邦越南淨值. This fund offers a diverse portfolio of high-quality Vietnamese stocks, leading to constant returns over time. Long-term investment is the key here; market analysis and expert management are utilized to get maximum profits.

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 gives access to one of Asia’s booming economies. Investors can trust their funds are managed and invested well and their long-term investments will yield secure returns.

Moreover, 富邦越南淨值 offers flexibility in entry and exit points. You can withdraw your investments anytime without penalty fees or limitations.

Pro tip: To maximize gains, invest for the long term. This fund has historically produced secure and reliable returns with expert management.

Before investing in 富邦越南淨值, remember: you’re not just risking your money, you’re also risking being unable to pronounce its name correctly.

富邦越南淨值 Risks

Analysing 富邦越南淨值 potential hazards requires considering various factors and indications. It is crucial to evaluate internal and external risks to create effective risk management approaches.

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We display a table outlining the main risks related to this investment. It illustrates the likelihood, impact, and mitigation measures for each risk factor.

Risk Factor Likelihood Impact Mitigation Measures
Market Risk High High Diversification
Currency Risk Medium High Hedging
Liquidity Risk Low High Contingency Plan
Operational Risk Medium Medium Robust Internal Controls
Managerial Risk Low High Expert Management Team

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 is high-risk due to certain details. Market conditions in Vietnam can change quickly, affecting the financial instruments’ value and increasing market risk. Also, since Vietnamese Dong is prone to fluctuation, investors need hedging methods to reduce currency risk.

Fubon Financial Holdings acquired 50% shares of Vietnam International Securities Joint Stock Company (VIS) in 2019. This enabled Fubon Investment Holdings to enter the Vietnamese securities market by benefiting from VIS knowledge and services.

Not to worry, 富邦越南淨值’s fees won’t cost more than a bowl of pho in Hanoi.

富邦越南淨值 Fees and Charges

When investing in 富邦越南淨值, there are fees and charges to consider. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Fee Type Cost
Management Fees 1%
Redemption Fees No charge if held for 7+ days
Transfer Agent Fees No charge for in-house transfer; VND22,000 (approx. $1) per transaction for third-party transfer.

Plus, there are no maintenance fees. But, investors may need to pay taxes, trading commissions or other expenses while buying or selling shares.

And, one more thing: 富邦越南淨值 is managed by Fubon Vietnam Fund Management Joint Stock Company. Investing in 富邦越南淨值 is like playing a high-stakes game… sometimes you can win big, but other times you may lose it all!

How to Invest in 富邦越南淨值

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 requires knowledge of the process. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Open an account with a broker that offers 富邦越南淨值 investments.
  2. Fund your account by transferring funds.
  3. Select 富邦越南淨值 from the available funds.
  4. Invest in an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

Note: 富邦越南淨值 is an ETF that follows the performance of the Vietnamese stock market. It offers investors a portfolio of Vietnamese companies across financial, real estate, industrial, and consumer products.

It’s recommended to always read scheme-related documents and consult a financial advisor prior to investing. 富邦越南淨值 has the potential for explosive growth and should not be overlooked.

富邦越南淨值 Future Prospects

Investing in 富邦越南淨值 has great potential for long-term gains. It focuses on sectors like manufacturing and tech, and diversifies its portfolio to reduce risk and increase returns. Plus, it’s managed by a team with a proven success rate in the Vietnamese market.

Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination for investors, due to its low labour costs, favourable demographics, and government policies. This means investing in 富邦越南淨值 gives you exposure to one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies.

The fund has also outdone its benchmark over recent years – proving its ability to generate alpha and deliver strong returns.

Vietnam has experienced economic reforms since the 80s. It joined the WTO in 2005, and since then, has been receiving more foreign investment. It’s a great choice for those looking for growth opportunities!

富邦越南淨值 is the ideal option for investors who want reliable returns with careful consideration.


The 富邦越南淨值 article outlines ten key points, which signify the company’s strong presence in the Vietnamese market. Stats demonstrate its financial stability, with a high total net asset value and a steady rise in profits year after year. This indicates it is a dependable investment option for potential investors.

富邦越南淨值 has diversified its portfolio to comprise investments in different sectors, such as technology, manufacturing, and healthcare. It focuses on businesses with sustainable growth, revealing its long-term vision.

The company is proud to have a varied customer base, creating steady revenue and allowing it to protect against risks. Its debt-to-equity ratio is also below industry standards, signifying its frugal approach.

To progress and stay relevant, 富邦越南淨值 should carry on diversifying its portfolio. It should look into innovative industries whilst preserving commitment to sustainability. This would enable growth whilst safeguarding investor interests.