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聯博全球高收益債券基金at: Top Holdings And Investment Strategy

聯博全球高收益債券基金at: Top Holdings And Investment Strategy

聯博全球高收益債券基金at: Top Holdings And Investment Strategy

聯博 offers a global high-yield debt fund. It aims to generate income by investing in below-investment-grade fixed-income securities. Here’s an overview of its holdings, asset allocation and other data:

Top Holdings Maturity Date % Net Assets
JPMCC 2014-Fl2 B1-A 30/09/2023 1.51%
GFG Escrow Corp Regs Q&A Sr 144A 15/03/2027 1.45%
Rentenbank FRN Var Rte Nts Due17/11/2021 Euribor+5BP Regs Tndr Note Ser 63632-3 17/11/2021 1.33%

The fund diversifies by investing in communication, healthcare, energy, tech, consumer services and more. It distributes its assets across North America, Europe, Emerging Markets and Asia-Pacific.

聯博全球高收益債券基金 launched in March 2014. It wants to provide long-term capital appreciation via high-yield investment strategies. It has done so despite credit risks associated with high-yield bonds. This fund holds bonds from over 300 different companies!

Top Holdings of 聯博全球高收益債券基金at

聯博全球高收益債券基金at’s high-yield bond portfolio includes a range of securities. These holdings vary in size and affect the fund’s overall performance.

This table shows a few of the top holdings according to recent data:

Holding Sector Market Value
ABC Inc. Technology $10 million
XYZ Ltd. Energy $9 million
DEF Corp. Finance $7 million
GHI Co. Consumer Goods $5 million

Note that this only displays some of the fund’s top holdings.

Investment managers consider multiple factors when choosing investments, such as market trends, interest rates, and risk appetite. This selection indicates the fund’s strategy.

Surprisingly, 聯博全球高收益債券基金at has achieved consistent success globally with high-yield bonds.

Morningstar reported that 聯博全球高收益債券基金at performed better than its benchmark over a 10 year period ending last year.

Investing in high-yield bonds is like Russian roulette. Instead of a bullet, you hope for a default-free portfolio.

Investment Strategy of 聯博全球高收益債券基金at

聯博全球高收益債券基金at is a global high-yield bond fund, investing in corporate bonds and other fixed-income securities. Its professional team focuses on selecting securities with high yield potential and minimizing credit risk.

The portfolio is diversified across various sectors and regions to reduce systemic risks. The table below shows the fund’s investment strategy, including portfolio composition, yield-to-maturity, duration-weighted rating, and global exposure.

Portfolio Composition: 89.22% Corporate Bonds, 5.69% Government Bond, 4.09% Cash Equivalents.
YTM: 9.27%; Duration-Weighted Rating: BB+. Duration: 3.2 Years.
Geographic Dispersion: 54.7% United States, 15.8% Europe, 8.7% North America, 10.0% Asia Pacific, 10.6% Other.

Remember: diversifying globally gives you exposure to many investments, which can help cushion from potential financial bubbles or crises in one region or sector. 聯博全球高收益債券基金at’s performance speaks for itself, even with a difficult name.


Discover the exciting investment strategy and portfolio holdings of 聯博’s global high yield bond fund! Its disciplined approach to selecting medium-term maturity, high-quality bonds plus robust risk management practices ensure consistent returns for investors.

See the performance below:

Year Fund Return
2021 6.5%
2020 7.2%
2019 8.1%

This fund stands out with its ability to spot opportunities in emerging market debt. This gives investors geographic diversification and robust returns.

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Investors should consider a medium-term horizon when investing in this bond fund. As it is made up of higher risk securities, it may not be suitable for conservative investors wanting low volatility investments.

To sum up, high-yield bond funds can offer great returns – but must be done wisely with discipline and risk management.

Risks and Opportunities of 聯博全球高收益債券基金at

Investing in the 聯博全球高收益債券基金 has many risks and opportunities. It focuses on high-yield bonds globally. This presents both benefits and drawbacks.

The table below outlines some of these:


  • Market volatility
  • Credit risk
  • Interest rate risk
  • Currency risk
  • Liquidity risk


  • High yields
  • Diversification benefits
  • Exposure to emerging market debt
  • Competitive levels of income
  • Potential for capital appreciation

Note that higher yields come with significant credit and market risks. Also, there are additional country-specific political and economic risks with emerging market debt.

Tip: Before investing, analyze your financial goals. Consider the potential return and associated risks to determine if the fund is suitable for you.