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20 Games like League of Legends

20 Games like League of Legends

Games like League of Legends

Today I am going to describe here some fantastic games like League of Legends. The game features the battle arena genre in a multiplayer mode where you develop strategies and skills by time. Here you take the role of a champion that fights against the opponent team called Nexus. The main motive remains to destroy the enemy’s base and take control.

Gameplay offers a 3D environment with the third-person’s perspective where you can choose among the three modes called Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, and Howling Abyss. Once you choose your character, you will be put to defeat the enemies suing assigned skills and abilities. So, now get to these mentioned games here offering the same elements. You can also play league of legends on steam.

On what platforms can League of Legends game be played?

League of Legends can be played on Microsoft Windows, macOS

League of Legends Game Details, Specs

  • Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena
  • Mode: Multiplayer

League of Legends System Requirements (Minimum)

  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB of RAM for Windows Vista and newer)
  • CPU SPEED: 2 GHz processor (supporting SSE2 instruction set or higher)
  • OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3 ONLY), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • VIDEO CARD: Shader version 2.0 capable video card

Games like League of Legends

Check out our 2018 collections of best online battle arena video games like League of Legends for Android, PC, PS4, Xbox One, on Steam with System Requirements.


AwesomenautsThe game supports the same battle arena genre but in a 2D mode. Still, it feels fantastic because of the innovative elements and cross-platform availability. The game takes you in the year 3587 where the battle goes on between red and blue.

The gameplay is 3v3 in having the two-dimensional setting and allows side-scrolling control. After choosing the characters, you get the skills accordingly to begin the gameplay. Another great thing is the huge amount of characters to choose and play after applying some customizations. Health bar, speed calculator, attack strength, and some other factors are additional attractions here.

On what platforms can Awesomenauts game be played?

Awesomenauts can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux

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Atlas Reactor

Atlas ReactorThe game brings you a blend of arena battle plus turn-based gameplay in the multiplayer environment. Atlas Reactor stores several options to choose from like for characters, skills, and even winning way for each match. Heroes are called freelancers that got several roles as per your choice. The game allows having from 2v2 to 6v6 matches that also bring the mod system.

Gameplay gives you turn that lasts about 20-30 seconds, and you can show your skills to the opposite team. To explore the area, there is a grid-based map, and due to several abilities, it always makes the opponent think what your next move will be.

On what platforms can Atlas Reactor game be played?

Atlas Reactor can be played on Microsoft Windows


GiganticGigantic brings you the unique battle arena concept in the 3D environment. The game allows having a third person perspective, so it takes place among the League of Legends like games. The vibrant visuals are the main attraction of the game that makes anyone to explore the world of Gigantic.

In gameplay, you access a map that you can access and build your base to attack the enemy.

This way, you get a strategy based gameplay too, and the avatars here are colorful too that are very much in numbers with different skills.

On what platforms can Gigantic game be played?

Gigantic can be played on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the StormThe game features 5v5 matches where the entire situations take place in the form of battle arena. You are free to choose the roles you want to live like a warrior, assassin and specialist. Characters are different too so you can choose the best-looking one.

In gameplay, you have control on multiple maps, and each of them features different objectives and settings that make it a unique one from the traditional gameplay in battle arena genre. Also, the game features a shared team level instead of the individuals that keep the characters string.

On what platforms can Heroes of the Storm game be played?

Heroes of the Storm can be played on Microsoft Windows, Mac

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supernova gameThe game follows the same battle arena genre but instead of having it in the fantasy world it introduces you the science fiction theme. You can choose the characters either from humans or aliens and use the advanced technologies while having war.

Gameplay allows experiencing 5v5 matches where you build units, and each of them has their own weaknesses and strengths. This also seems like playing an RTS based game as the game requires strategy making too. Supernova gives you access to customize using armor, attack speed, health, and other factors and commanders possess the position of assassin, caster, melee, archetypes, and others.

On what platforms can Supernova game be played?

Supernova can be played on Microsoft Windows


AirMechAnother one on the list of League of Legends like games where your character comes as a mechanical robot. You can build your air and land-based units that you can use in the battleground while also making strategies.

The gameplay requires protecting your own base build destroying others and enemies.

Here power and credit system are your main strength that defines the number of troops you can call in the battle. Also, you can choose several abilities and alter your stats while enjoying various game modes like solo, coop and versus options. Solo mode is the most flexible one where you fight against the AI enemy.

On what platforms can AirMech game be played?

AirMech can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Ace of Arenas

Ace of ArenasThe game takes you to the champion world giving you the basic tutorials and opening the controls gradually. The genre remains same which is MOBA ad all the controls can be seen on the screen. It gives the play using the app, so the entire control depends on the sliding of your fingers.

Gameplay allows you access 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 matches where making the steps forward unlock you more champions. Other features include the leaderboard, games that can be used to do upgrades, mastery trees, and other exciting things.

On what platforms can Ace of Arenas game be played?

Ace of Arenas can be played on Android, iOS

Prime World

Prime WorldThe game gives you the arena battle genre with the multiplayer option. There are customizations for several aspects, and that’s what makes it even more exciting to play. Other than just being the battle arena it’s also a castle building system. You start with unlocking your hero and choose the skills, as you progress you unlock more abilities and overall improve your stats.

Gameplay requires you to build the castle by collecting the resources and fight against the enemy simultaneously. Once you establish a goal you get talent and more talents mean more unlocked features and for this, you need to take different quests.

On what platforms can Prime World game be played?

Prime World can be played on Microsoft Windows, Mac


StrifeAnother one among the League of Legends alternatives, the game follows the MOBA genre. Having the same factors like other MOBS games, it seems nothing unique, but for the genre lovers, it also can be tried. But there are substantial customization options in which you can spend time and alter things as you want.

Gameplay features three systems such as adopting pets, crafting and enchanting and all these activities can be enjoyed to spend quality time in the game world. The more you win matches, the more you earn and spend the money on adopting different things.

On what platforms can Strife game be played?

Strife can be played on  Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac


SmiteThe game also includes the god genre in which you as a god use your ability to encounter several operations and defeat the enemy. Adding the MOBA as the main formula, this brings you the 5v5 combat system where you find minions, lanes, jungle, maps, bosses, etc. the environment is inspired by the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse and Chinese civilizations.

Gameplay puts you in the shoes of God and blesses you with different spells and abilities. Killing your enemy, you level up and gain powers and upgrades. Purchasing also helps to boost your stats where gems are there to be bought and giving you the power to unlock powers.

On what platforms can Smite game be played?

Smite can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac

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VaingloryThis one is among the games that allow the smartphone users to feel the MOBA genre. The game is pretty impressive for all the aspects and easily fulfills the battle area game desire. This avails the mobile platforms, but still, it does not compromise with the content and depth.

The gameplay happens in a jungle where you run after those minions to take them down and take control of that gold mine. Also, there is a boss enemy that you need to find and defeat, and once you do this, you take down the entire unit of enemies. Also, there are a variety of heroes that you can choose and get the skills before keeping your finger busy.

On what platforms can Vainglory game be played?

Vainglory can be played on Android, iOS

Cronix Online

Cronix OnlineThe next one is the Cronix Online as one of the League of Legends alternatives. The game sets players in the futuristic atmosphere where war is going on due to the limited amount of resources remaining in the world. It is a dark themed world where you get your character and abilities and access the battlefield.

Gameplay is a fast-paced environment where you feel a great package of action in the multiplayer mode. You are aimed to defeat the enemy using the unique skills and tools you got. Several melee skills can be felt too and using them you can instantly kill the target.


PanzarA great game that features the MOBA genre using the third person perspective. The game brings you plenty of depth and sets you in the world of war where you join among the different races like orcs, humans, elves and dwarves. Each of them comes up with different skills and weapons, and the number of environments gives you spectacular scenery.

The gameplay includes several modes to choose and explore as Domination, King of the Hill, Siege, and Meteor mode. This way, it keeps it unique than the traditional gameplay. There are classes too that are eight in numbers and races can be chosen as well.

On what platforms can Panzar game be played?

Panzar can be played on Microsoft Windows

Guardians of Middle Earth

Guardians of Middle EarthThe game gives you the MOBA genre and allows you access the destructive mode where matches happen in the form of 5v5. The characters look familiar if you already have seen the Lord of the Rings. As the genre and elements are same like any MOBA, so there is nothing unique, but still, it can be very much enjoyed.

Gameplay starts after you pick up the character and it puts you in the multiplayer aspects. So those who want to access the genre using consoles can head to this game directly.

On what platforms can Guardians of Middle Earth game be played?

Guardians of Middle Earth can be played on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

Legendary Heroes MOBA

Legendary HeroesWhile taking the MOBA along, it also brings you the real-time strategy atmosphere. Here you need to create your team of heroes that are total three, and there you fight against the AI opponents. You can choose any of these heroes in each match you face that helps you to get excellent gameplay.

Gameplay allows getting the skills as you; select the character and brings you a pack of challenges that keep the monotony at bay. So this strategic gameplay seriously deserves being tried where you experience stunning visuals and advanced kind of MOBA.

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On what platforms can Legendary Heroes MOBA game be played?

Legendary Heroes MOBA can be played on Android


Paladins is a free, action-based adventure MOBA game. The player has to play this in the first person and you can choose from a range of different champions to play as in the battleground. Then, you also get the freedom to select the abilities that you want your champions to have.

This enables you to strategically choose the powers that go well with the rest of the lineup. The plot goes something like this: a conflict arises between a couple of areas and the champions are asked to save the day.

Developed by Evil Mojo Games, Paladins is a great game to try out even if you are a beginner in the MOBA genre.

On what platforms can Paladins be played?

Paladins can be played on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

This is a science-fiction based strategic gaming system that takes place in real-time. It was developed and released by Bizzard Entertainment and remains to be one of the most popular games in the world.

The strategic combat style used in this game is unparalleled and millions of players have tried it out. Released back in 2010, it still has a huge fan following. As implied by the title, it is a sequel to the Starcraft franchise.

The players start the game by finding themselves stranded in an intergalactic war where they need to lead an army to win the war. It incorporates the bird’s eye view perspective just like in League of Legends.

On what platforms can Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty be played?

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty can be played on Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS

Marvel Super War

Fans of MOBA games might find it difficult to pick only one game for playing. But, if you are a beginner in this genre and are well informed about the Marvel franchise, then here is an amazing game to get you in. Marvel Super War was released back in December 2019.

You’ll find famous superhero characters like Iron Man, Hawkeye, etc. taking the front line of the war. While this is a great game for Marvel fans, it also comes for free, so, everybody should try it out at least once. It is set in a 3D environment and the visual details are pretty good to go.

The players will have to form teams before going on missions to fight against the familiar iconic Marvel villains.

On what platforms can Marvel Super War be played?

Marvel Super War can be played on Android


DOTA is yet another great MOBA game just like League of Legends. This game takes inspiration from Warcraft III-like its counterpart and that makes it very similar to League of Legends. The players are responsible to control a hero in a team of 5 while they fight a battle against another squad.

You need to try and overrun the other team’s base to win. Every hero in this game is equipped with a unique ability and has a different interaction pattern with their surroundings. The gamers, thus, get a lot of options and ways to settle into the game.

The main difference between DOTA and LOL is that the latter is more fast-paced. However, the slow pace of DOTA 2 encourages more one-on-one combats.

On what platforms can DOTA 2 be played? 

DOTA 2 can be played on MS Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a 3D fantasy MOBA game that features heroes who are tasked with defeating other non-playing characters. Moreover, the player needs to fight other players as well and ruin various structures.

You will play in a standard third-perspective just like other MOBA games. The heroes in this game, just like in LOL, have special powers. Also, they form teams of 3 to 5 players to battle their opponents.

The players have the option to choose from an array of 101 heroes and there are plenty of abilities and skills to learn on the way. No wonder this is one of the most-loved games in China!

On what platforms can Arena of Valor be played?

Arena of Valor can be played on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.


Players who are seeking the games like League of Legends will surely find all these perfect to play. These games always keep up the excitement that takes you to the MOBA genre plus several strategic gameplay. So keep playing and share your experiences here.